UT - RSO arrested for being a peeping tom

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    We really should have an entire forum for "Why RSO should not be released from jail".

    Registered Sex Offender Arrested For Mall Voyeurism
    A registered sex offender has been arrested for allegedly using a cellphone camera to attempt to photograph a woman in changing room at the South Towne Center.

    Gary Steven Pacholick, 47, was arrested Wednesday by Sandy police at his home in Pleasant Grove and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of voyeurism. Pacholick is accused of trying to photograph a woman in a changing room at Forever 21 at the South Towne Center, 10450 S. State.

    Heather Seamons was trying on dresses said she heard a noise in the changing stall next to hers, looked down and saw someone holding a cellphone camera under the bottom of the dressing room wall.

    "He has no clothes in his dressing room other than a pair of pants on the floor that wouldn't fit me let alone a 170 pound man, and they just stood there," Seamons said.

    "He was using a pair of black pants to conceal/camouflage the phone," according to a Salt Lake County Jail booking sheet.

    He was convicted in 2002 in Arizona of sexual exploitation of a minor and placed on that state's sex offender registry. When he came to Utah, he registered with the sex offender registry here.

    Jail records say Pacholick has a "history of voyeurism."

    Snipped from: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=14849810
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