Found Deceased VA - Bruce Rubin, 61, jogger, Primland Resort, Patrick Co., 2 July 2021

Discussion in 'Located Persons Discussion' started by carterkatt, Jul 4, 2021.

  1. friendofbrucerubin

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    Still reeling from learning what happened, in this piecemeal way -- the article above says he was both way off the trail and that he fell. No answers and no words to describe this tragedy. Funeral TBD. Thank you all so much. Special thanks to the strangers here who cared so much and gave us hope: @designomnivore @Oriah @K9Enzo @Simply Southern @Sillybilly. Let me put a face on Bruce before I leave this site. He was highly principled, happy-happy-happy, the Energizer Bunny (his bear hug could herniate your discs!), ate really fast and laughed really loud, extraordinarily charitable (he said giving his time was way more important than just writing a check, which he also did), always studying other cultures, religions and philosophies for his own personal growth, a "regular guy" who would talk to anyone, sensitive and caring like your best girlfriend, the best all-around friend you could ever, ever have. The only laugh I had this week was seeing him called a "wealthy financier"-- just no. The place he most felt alive was in wild nature and getting up close and personal with it. Ice climbing, kayaking, white water rafting, trail running, and all in the most spectacular natural places on earth. Still he took every precaution possible and was highly trained for 30 or 40 years as a technical climber, mountaineer--trust me, he did not want to lose his life this way, or any way. He had so many plans it was dizzying. He lived for his beautiful kids, his remarkable wife, his fantastic 90+ year-old mom and his giant extended family, friends, coworkers, and humongous circle of admirers. None of us can imagine a world without Bruce Rubin.

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    I am of the believe an animal of some type may have driven Bruce into precarious/dangerous situation.

    Due to Covid, our wildlife thrived and roaming more freely than in the last 50 years or so. Bears are bigger than I've ever seen, bobcat roaming more freely and are huge, both can be aggressive. This area known for rattlesnakes.

    I feel "something"impacted Bruce's hike, he had so much experience, strong, knowledgeable of the wild. He would not have placed his self in a dangerous situation voluntarily.

    All my opinion
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    Mercy has prevailed
    in lifting the veil
    from what none of the crowds could see -
    The answer to - a multitude -
    of rending hearts
    and pleas...
    Mercy has come near
    to comfort every tear;
    Resolving the darkened night
    with its condescending light...
    Answering one; and the inquiries of two -
    fulfilling the hearts
    with - now -
    the truth.
    This is mercy!
    of which we rejoice -
    For anguish; not knowing-
    is dispelled by its voice...
  4. HM99

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    The article made it sound as if he fell from the trail which was on a bluff. Fly easy, Mr. Rubin.
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  6. Oriah

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    That you are still reeling is to be understood. Take your time and know that Bruce has been seen, and because of you? has been seen even more. You did good @friendofbruce. You really did. We are here for you, SAR, loss recovery. It's all the same. We are here for you.
  7. KatieLH

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    This made me tear up – what beautiful words and what an amazing person. I know it is such a small consolation when you are all hurting so much but I will remember Bruce because of how clear your love is for him. You have done him a great justice by posting here and letting us know what he was like as a person, like you said "putting the face" on him, and it's an honour to hear about what kind of man he was from you. Thinking of you all and sending love and support to all who need it. Rest in peace, Bruce.
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  8. sandmannc

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    Friendofbruce condolences to you and the family during this tragic loss. But know that
    ya'll will always be welcomed here. Ya'll are a class act and showed that thru your post and
    representation of Bruce. What a wonderful friend you are! Rest in Peace, Bruce.
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  9. designomnivore

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    Dear Friend of Bruce, this is not the outcome that we were praying for but my prayer is for closure now that your friend has been found. I am so sorry you had to be in limbo this past week.
    Thank you for these beautiful descriptions of the nuanced and wonderful man who Bruce was in his extraordinary life. The only comfort I have is that when he left this life, he was doing something he so loved doing. By the way, it is telling that Bruce had such a wonderful friend in you.
    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and Bruce’s family. God be with you.
  10. Xero Static

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    @friendofbrucerubin and @Workbuds
    I am so very sorry for your loss, please know that everyone here in Patrick County was praying for your dear friend and we are devasted and saddened for Mr. Rubin, his family and his friends. Our prayers go up for all of you.
    Rest High on that Mountain Mr. Rubin
  11. Spartygirl

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    Oh Noooo @friendofbrucerubin
    I jumped in here tonight for updates and just saw your post.
    I am so, so sorry for the loss of your friend.

    You have been a great friend to him, just by reaching out to all avenues for assistance and trying to help find him for his family.

    Prayers be with you and his family and friends.

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