VA - Bull Run, Jane Doe - 1982 (13-17 y/o)

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    Sorry I don't know how to link this..

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 468UFVA

    Unidentified White Female

    The victim was discovered in February 12, 1982 on Bull Run Mountain in Haymarket, Prince William County, Virginia
    Estimated Date of Death: between 1979 and 1981
    Skeletal Remains
    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 13 - 21 years old
    Approximate Height and Weight: 4'9 - 5'2"; 100-120 lbs.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Small and slight build.
    Clothing: A heavy cardigan wool sweater with hood; Lee brand corduroy pants, size 27; a leather belt; a chiffon flower print blouse; a red Cricket bra; a green sock with orange stripes; a pair of size 5, brown, lace-up, Bass brand platform shoes; gold necklaces and a key ring with a house key. A disposable gas lighter.
    Dentals: Available. She had orthodontic work.
    DNA: Available in CODIS.

    Case History
    The skeletal remains and clothing were found in a heavily wooded area approximately 14 feet off of a fire trail, 500 yards from the 1100 block of Mountain Road.
    The area the young girl's body was found in was known then as the quarry. Part of the 250-acre farm was a hangout for people who came there to party.

    If you have any information about this case please contact:
    Crime Solvers
    You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

    Could any of these girls be a match?
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    All four match the physical description of the UID in terms of height and age.

    The time-frame with respect to the DLC is right for three of the four. As for Angela Rader, if you buy into the theory that Bramblett killed her and her friend Tammy Akers, it is quite possible that he kept them around for a few years. He supposedly admitted to having "hurt Tammy" in 1980. So it is possible that Angela remained alive long enough to fit into the 1979 to 1981 est. date of death.

    I would probably rule-out Debra Cole on the circumstances of her disappearance. I don't see the suspected perp (who also raped and murdered Debra's sister and dumped her body locally) taking Debra from Indiana to Virginia to dump her body.

    Since the artist conceptions are so different from each other, it is difficult to assess possibles against them. Who knows which one is accurate? -- Or are any of them accurate?

    But having said that ...

    Of the four that you mentioned, I think that Angela Mae Rader most resembles the artist's conception (but not strongly so).


    Michelle Reidenbach doesn't look like a match to me. Not just because of the distance, but on a purely subjective level, she just doesn't look like our Jane Doe. Her eyes are set too wide compared to the reconstructions.


    Katherine Quackenbush doesn't look like any of the artist's conceptions either. She doesn't have as long of a face or the jaw definition suggested by the models.


    If I was to choose one of the four, it would be Angela Rader, but I'm not sure that I feel strongly enough about to call it in.
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    Yes, I was thinking Angela and Kathryn were the closest matches to her, and Kathryn is from Maryland. I guess I'm grasping at straws because this Jane Doe case bothered me a bit. But I do agree, I wish I could locate a better match.

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