Found Deceased VA - Doug Grabowski, 35, Roanoke County, 8 May 2005

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    It's been two years since a Roanoke County mother has seen her son.

    Thirty-five-year-old Doug Grabowski mysteriously vanished on Mother's Day. He was last seen working on a pickup truck with friends off Route 221 in Roanoke County. Grabowski left to go get a part and never returned.

    His dogs were left at his home. His mother, Susan Cox, says it's something he'd never do. Grabowski's rusted out 1977 black Ford Pickup was also missing.

    Two years later, detectives and Grabowski's mother are asking anyone who may know something to come forward. "We're seeking information from anyone who would have information about Doug being abducted and/or killed, which would be homicide," says Detective Dave Flynn.
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    From the Doe Network...

    Douglas Carl Grabowski
    The victim's skeletal remains were located on November 8, 2006 in Blountville, Sullivan County, Tennessee. He was identified in October 2007. Grabowski, a graduate of Cave Spring High School and Roanoke College, was 35 when he disappeared from Roanoke County in May 2005.

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    I'm sorry to the family - you are in my prayers.
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