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DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
I’ve dug in on this and tonight I’m tired so this is everything I’ve figured out related to Miss Akens disappearance. Nothing written below is any sort of conclusive statement.

Miss Lauren Susann Smith of Madison County disappeared under similar circumstances where a family member dropped her off and were dismissed as a suspect. She also made vague statements about leaving/disappearing before she vanished and the only thing missing was her luggage and a cellphone.
(I’m not stating it’s related, but it is something to look at)

Two detectives that are a part of the investigation division in Spotsylvania are known to the former stepfather during his youth. (This is not an insinuation of misconduct. It is just stating the facts.)

The former stepfather somehow made it through statistically the highest risk driving timeframe for a man without a traffic infraction before getting his first traffic ticket at the age of 34 in 2013 which was about a year or two after he separated from Miss Akens mother. (This can be viewed as a significant behavioral change with little indication as to why)

There was a drug dealer selling counterfeit pills living at the base of River Road. That person is now serving a federal sentence.

The former stepfather was on river road in May of 2015. (This isn’t evidence of anything as River Road was a cut through path between the residence he rented to his mother and his employment location of Geico)

When he was pulled over in May 2015 he was pulled over on a street that had no outlet. That street has a family that is known to the former stepfather on it and two members of that family are heavy into drugs. Another member of that family lives 2 hours away and has no criminal record whatsoever. (this would just be an indication That branton is familiar with an area that is two hours away and on a path that would result in pinging that South stafford Tower)

One of the above family members involved in drugs is now deceased. During one of their arrests, they had orange pills on them.
During an arrest during a similar timeframe, the drug dealer that lived on River Road also had orange pills on them. (this isn’t proof of anything it’s just a weird *advertiser censored* coincidence)

The former stepfather received a ticket in Culpeper six days after miss aken’s disappearance. The drug dealer who lived on River Road also received a ticket on that exact same day a couple hours later. (once again, not proof of anything it is just a weird coincidence.)

December 2015 the former stepfather was a student at Mary Washington University, and it is unclear whether he attended classes in person or purely online. Mary, Washington university has a campus in Fredericksburg city, and in Stafford close to the Geico building.

There was no work announced by VDOT to be occurring on river rd on the day Miss Akens luggage was found.
In recent news, a man, James Robert Allen, has been arrested and charged with abduction at UVA. He is from the Culpeper area and had another abduction charge in 2008 in Fauquier County. This man is associated with VDOT.

There is not a single comment on any social media post regarding this case where anyone claims to know the former stepfather even in passing through work which is odd since he has lived in the same area his entire life and peoples habit of tying themselves even by 9 degrees of separation to tragedy.

Regarding the three properties:
Partlow: the police search this property.

west Spotsylvania: news reports stated that this property could not be searched due to it being a purely “landlord tenant” relationship between the former stepfather and his mother. This address was listed on numerous tickets and documents as his residence after miss aken’s disappearance. It is unclear what Landlord has their legal documentation sent to their tenants. This property also seems to have a newer self made concrete patio in the backyard.

East spotsylvania: news report, said this property could not be searched because it was locked up in probate but the former stepfather was listed as a co-owner of this property while it was in probate prior to Miss Aken’s disappearance.

Closing thoughts
At this point I have three theories, none of which I can prove so I have to hang my hat up for now.

My heart hurts for the family. I don’t think this got enough press initially due to the local news repeatedly stating that Miss Akens had been dropped off in Springfield and that police had corroborated that with evidence. They ran that information as headlines and it would be over a year later that they would bury the most important thing to be said in the body of an article behind paywall:
Police don’t believe she ever left the Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg area.

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