VA - Man records med team wanting to punch him, and more, during op

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    A Vienna, Virginia man has won $500,000 in a defamation suit after he recorded a medical teams' vicious conversation about him during a minor operation at a medical suite in Renton last April.

    The nasty conversation was led by anesthesiologist Tiffany M. Ingham, who was ordered to pay the damages, along with her former practice. The patient, identified only as D.B, had switched his phone to record to catch any post-op instructions he might forget, but it was accidentally taken into the theatre with him.

    Ingham also wrote a false diagnosis of hemorrhoids on his chart and advised another doctor to urgently page himself afterwards, to avoid having to talk to the patient. The patient had asked for $1.75 million but the jury awarded the $500k as a compromise between those who thought he should get more and someone who thought he should receive no damages at all.

    Photo shows Ingham.

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    Incredibly disrespectful in every freakin way. Thank god he was able to record this woman. I hope her rep is severely damaged as she certainly deserves it. Geez.....

    She sounds like a miserable person in every way.

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