VA VA - Michael, 50, Mary, 36, & Jennifer Short, 9, Bassett, 15 Aug 2002

I'll attempt to post several links to newspaper scans.

August 16, 2002 (parents slain, girl missing),6076526

August 16, 2002 (nationwide search),464130

August 17, 2002 (includes photo of house),2426979

August 17, 2002 (search),2507850

August 17, 2002 (search intensifies),270720

August 18, 2002 (search),2689868

August 18, 2002 (volunteers end search),2566857

August 18, 2002 (search turns up no evidence),4286109

August 18, 2002 (no clues yet, part 1),4995727

August 18, 2002 (no clues yet, part 2),5033982

August 19, 2002 (promising leads),4608923

August 22, 2002 (no strong leads),6068777

September 26, 2002 (skull found),2968846

September 26, 2002 (skull found),2059905

September 27, 2002 (remains not believed to be Jennifer),3977157

September 27, 2002 (remains may not be Jennifer),4677052

September 27, 2002 (remains not believed to be Jennifer),8805582

October 5, 2002 (bones identified),2964210

October 5, 2002 (bones identified),884898

October 6, 2002 (Canada questions Bowman),1813838

October 13, 2002 (funeral),3204159

October 16, 2002 (Canadian court to decide),3981551

October 24, 2002 (Bowman remains jailed),4826240

November 10, 2002 (Lemons passes polygraph),2696778

November 27, 2002 (Bowman free to leave country),2435219

February 10, 2003 (relatives impatient, part 1),2728437

February 10, 2003 (relatives impatient, part 2),2759778

July 25, 2003 (Creek drained),2914102

August 10, 2003 (clues elusive, part 1),2498395

August 10, 2003 (clues elusive, part 2),2540162

August 13, 2003 (similar to above),914112

September 14, 2003 (bridge named),3529415

March 5, 2005 (Sampson, Mills and Eperson indicted),996775

March 6, 2005 (Gary Bowman),1792100

August 16, 2005,2984400
When Jennifer's remains were found, initially police said they didn't believe it was her due to having the wrong hair color. We don't know that she was murdered the same night as her parents, which means she could have been held for a bit. That opens up the possibility her kidnapper dyed her hair to avoid identification.
The first photo is right after the murders. The second is from the 10 year anniversary. The last three are Google's current street view.

Has it ever been revealed how the house was entered? Front door? Rear door? Window?

The news stories tell of Micheal being found in "an enclosed carport." The current Google photos show the driveway goes past the end of the house and u-turns to the back, left end. It also appears there are two front doors. One of those appears to be for the far left room.

From the various photos, it appears the phone line went to the right end of the house. I'd assume it was cut at the service box, down at easily accessible height. Would you think the killer looked around in the dark for the phone line or had he already checked earlier in the day? And is it likely he entered at the front left door? Was it unlocked? Or did they knock and were admitted entry?
I do not remember this case well but the thing that jumped out to me most was that other people in the area pointed out the person of interest with no other evidence mentioned. I never even picked up where LE connected GB to the Short family. Pointing one finger at someone else means four fingers are pointing back at you.
New article:

Henry County Sheriff Lane Perry hopes that a new angle on the 2002 Short family murder case could produce new leads.
Perry is asking childhood friends of the late Jennifer Short to think back on their time spent with her and see if they remember any untoward attention directed at Jennifer or themselves. ...
"We were thinking, is there a group out there that we haven’t reached out to?" Perry said. "The thought occurred to us that if Jennifer were alive, she would be college-aged now."
Much of the early investigation focused on whether or not someone held a grudge against Michael or Mary Short, Perry said, but it also is possible that Jennifer herself was the target. If that was the case, Perry said, it is possible that her childhood friends may have been aware that Jennifer was the target of suspicious behavior or unwanted attention, and they may even have been targets of unwanted attention themselves but never spoke about it.

From the way the article is written, it sounds like they haven't gotten a new lead that sent them in this direction but wanted to try something different. I'm glad they are looking at the case from a fresh perspective, but I hope this isn't the first time they've talked to Jennifer's friends and classmates. It reminds me of all the discussion about memory from the Adnan Syed conviction covered on Serial. The longer you wait to ask someone what they remember, the less likely it is you'll get accurate information, especially regarding dates and times.
It does say "...this is the first time his office has formally reached out to Jennifer’s childhood friends to see if they remember any unusual attention directed toward Jennifer." Perhaps they asked them about other things, though.

At the time, since she was taken away from the house it seemed she was likely the motive. On hindsight, it could be the killer was having trouble deciding whether he could kill a child witness. If she was the actual target it would seem likely somebody had been paying extra attention to her in the time leading up to the murders.

It seems like I remember something from way back then about there being writing on a garage window, in the dust. I haven't been able to find a single mention of it in my recent internet searches, though. As I recall, police wondered if Jennifer wrote it during the crimes or if it was just something she'd written at some point in the past. It seems like it was something weird like "help me" or something that sounded suspicious. As I said, I can't find any mention of it online so my mind might just be merging two separate cases together.
Jennifer was obviously the target, hello! Why are they just now figuring that out???? It does not say much for this investigation.
This case is supposed to be featured today on that new daytime ABC true crime show. It will be on at 3 PM est in my location. I hope some new details and a way to solve this case is forth coming.
Weird case. Do the Shorts have any family members aiding in the investigation?
Weird case. Do the Shorts have any family members aiding in the investigation?

I can't find it now, but I recall an article written before Jennifer's body was found that mentioned an aunt and uncle who planned to raise her if she was found alive. I would guess they were cooperative with investigators at the time, but I haven't seen anything recent mentioning them.
There was a post asking about a case with the parents murdered and the young child missing later found murdered. After looking I found a jennifer short 9 that fit the description in the post. I then went to post what I found and the post is missing, so I searched for jennifer short here and found this. Not sure if this is the case but it fit. jmo
I would have thought this crime would have been solved long ago..... I don't see how 1 person could get away with murdering 2 people....and abducting another (to kill later). Just blows my mind that this has not been solved.
Is there a map showing the location of the Short house and where Jennifer's body was found? I remember being so hopeful that Jennifer would be found alive.

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