VA VA - Ray Hickenbotham, Arlington, 14 Oct 1947

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    Ray Curtis Hickingbotham Jr.
    Missing from:
    Arlington, Virginia
    Date: October 14, 1947
    Occupation: U.S. Army
    Marital Status: Married

    Lt. Ray Hickingbotham was a decorated war hero after World War II. After the war, he, his wife Dorothy, and their daughter Carol settled in the Vint Hill Farms Army Station outside of Arlington, Virginia. With the Cold War beginning, Ray was reassigned to Army Intelligence monitoring radio operations as a code-breaker in a group later acclimated into the CIA.

    Ray often worked long, hard hours as a result of his new assignment. In late summer of 1947, he was transferred to another top secret group at the Arlington Hall Intelligence Station. He did not tell Dorothy about his new assignment. Dorothy noticed that he was becoming more tense and tired, not paying much attention to her or Carol.
    Three weeks later, Dorothy and Carol went on a two-week visit to her parents on Long Island; Ray did not go with them. When Dorothy called their Arlington apartment, she was told that he had gone on leave. A former neighbor discovered that a military moving crew had cleaned out and packed up the Hickingbothams' belongings from their apartment.

    Two weeks later, a moving van showed up at Dorothy's parents' home. In the boxes and trunks, there was not a single item that belonged to Ray. A month later, a man claiming to be from the army visited Dorothy and told her that on October 14, 1947, Ray had been classified AWOL. Thirty days later, he was dropped from the military rolls and classified as a deserter. The man, however, could not tell her anything else. Dorothy later tried to contact the man, but the army said that they had never heard of him. After this, she and Carol lost all their military benefits as a result, struggling to make ends meet...


    Ray Hickingbotham
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