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So wonderful!!!! Travis!!! You are a wonderful and meaningful example in life and death!!!
Honestly, I can't stop crying!!! Travis has touched me so deeply!!!
Jodi is now nothing more than a psycho that murdered a wonderful man!!!
A wonderful man!!!

Yes and soooo many people now know how special Travis was thanks to the dt dragging out the trial and going so horribly over the top. It allowed more and more true information about Travis to come out and he became a brother to thousands around the world.

I can't help thinking also of what a meaningful life Juan Martinez is living.
I am certain I saw Deanna in the courtroom behind Travis' family. She was crying...bless her so much.

That's when I started crying. I don't know why, but on Friday and then again today, it's Deanna's tears that set me off.

The next phase of the trial, the jury will decide if there is an aggravating factor.
If yes, then she will be facing the death penalty.

She is facing the DP or LWOP as of right now.

If the jury doesn't vote unanimously for the death penalty, the judge decides whether she gets life WITH parole or LWOP.

First degree murder may be punished by death, life imprisonment, or natural life imprisonment. In the case of life imprisonment, you may be eligible for release after 25 years if the person murdered was an adult, or 35 years if the person was under the age of 15.
Clancy saying its a relief that the Jodi Show is over. She started her show day 1 in Utah pretending everything was fine. Continued it for five years. She says the look on Jodi's face was shock. That it may be the first time in Jodi's life she has ever been held responsible for anything
I think she packs up her crayons and golf pencils and heads back to her main cell :)
I would think they would isolate her at Estrella and possibly put her on suicide watch (even though Arias would never kill herself).
Ok, I had to go know the site

Jodi Arias is in.....t.

So, I scrolled down to this mornings post and it said the jury will deliberate
11 - 4:30 everyday until she is acquitted or convicted of manslaughter.

Bolded by me

Ok, so those were their only options??????

:floorlaugh: :floorlaugh: :floorlaugh:

They need a new name for their website!
Or they could just add a "not".
I find it absolutely fascinating that the deliberations appeared to be all about whether or not they agreed on the Pre-meditation only and/or Felony Pre-Med. Fascinating.

All the speculation in the social media and not one word about THAT being the possibility. I love this jury.

HA I know... and we're a pretty sharp group... I don't think anyone here thought of that as a possibility. I guess we were all too nervous and thinking negative leaning thoughts.

Really amazing.
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What happened?The last thing I remember is Nurmi plopping down on me then I blacked out & I woke up in a dumpster outside of IHop
The Lord has made Himself known: He works justice; the wicked man is snared by his own devices. (Psalm 9)

Prayers have been heard. Jodi has been convicted of 1st Degree Murder.
The verdict is the definition of 'bittersweet' for Travis' family and loved ones and all who care about him. I'm happy about the verdict, but it does not overcome the great aching sadness that Travis is not with us here on earth.

And I'm afraid that once they get back to their "normal" lives ALL of it is going to hit them like a ton of bricks. That will be when they need the most support. I hope they have it.
For anyone who saw my earlier post re: thinking the statute of limitations would have expired for a wrongful death suit, I'm happy to report I was wrong. :) Just looked it up:

12-511. Civil action arising from criminal conduct; definitions

A. Notwithstanding sections 12-505 and 12-542, if a defendant is charged by a criminal complaint or indictment the statute of limitations for any civil cause of action that is brought by a victim against the defendant for criminal conduct against the victim is extended for one year from the final disposition of the criminal proceedings, regardless of whether the defendant is convicted of criminal conduct against the victim.
A famous saying by one of Jodi's lawyers--Now lets back up a little bit-Guilty-now lets back up a little bit-Guilty--now lets back up a little bit-Guilty -Ok
How GREAT it is that the jury had options of second degree and manslaughter but have convicted her of first degree. I loved the conviction in their voices as they said ' yes'...
Did y'all see willmott *advertiser censored* her head as if she couldn't figure out the ZERO that voted for just felony murder? Took her a minute to figure the ENTIRE jury agrees that JA murdered Travis in COLD BLOOD.
Bet you and nurmi are proud, willmott. KARMA to you
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