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so to whomever is watch JA's interview...
Did you see any tears when she was getting all emotional about her mother?

I saw that BS. Her mom saw it, too. Probably why her family flew away and left her after the verdict.
I got a couple of screen grabs of the March of 2009 JA sent to Ryan Burns. The part I can read just gives me the same nauseous squicky feeling I had the entire time JA was on the stand. I thought I wanted to read it, but I guess I don't after all. Maybe one of you will find something interesting.

I hope I can attach these from Tapatalk without blowing margins or anything.

Yay for today. Whew!




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OMG really? Why would anyone choose the gas chamber???

To look like a martyr for "domestic violence victims" everywhere. I think it would be a much less peaceful death than the lethal injection, so she'd really love to go out w/ a bang.
AngelWings444 said:
This is not direct at you, at all!

This video makes me want to :puke:

Psshhh!! The video is a joke! If the family wanted out of there, they would have hopped in their car and gotten out of there. Total SCAM with the hugging curbside! And the "not now"...give me a flipping break. In fact, the family could have gotten out of there unseen! They have a different exit, if they want. :furious:

I am wondering if they were hugging to avoid the camera contact because as soon as the car arrived, they got into it. Also, there's not much media around them so I was also wondering if they had used a different exit.
I'm confused. Who decides whether JA gets the death penalty or not? Jury or Judge? I hope our jury.
Sorry if this has been covered, but why was JA's twitter page deleted? I just went to check it and it said it's gone.
Just checked HLN After Dark and they had a Travis mannequin over the bloody sink to demonstrate the cruelty. There are staying up all night live and will keep this madness going into the morning shows.

UGHH... :bricks:
Does anyone have a link to the video of JC chasing down JA's family, and good ole gramma walking? I can't find it, anywhere.
so to whomever is watch JA's interview...
Did you see any tears when she was getting all emotional about her mother?

I made it through 2 minutes of this interview. ****** Ms. Arias. I couldn't give two sh**s what she has to say. I am DONE with this lying !
OMG have you guys seen the fight between Vinnie and Gus Searcy on Pierce Morgan. what is Gus thinking????

I am sorry for Searcy. He wants to run with the Big Dogs but sadly hes a very teeny dog on the front porch of a house. You walk by and hear yap, yap, yap,
all the time. Searcy is a sad old man.
Hope this isn't a repeat (I can never seem to keep caught up with you guys!). JA's shedding of her blazer to do the interview with cute Troy in her low-cut t-shirt is typical of her vanity and her belief in her sex appeal. Truly despicable.

On another note, as she and Jenny were chatting right before the verdict, she seems to ask "who?". Might she have been asking who requested the interview? She seemed a bit excited....

I believe she asked Wilmott who the foreman was
Jodi's GrandMother being in a wheelchair or not isn't relevant, IMO. I've known several seniors who've needed assistance one minute, but not another. Grandma didn't slaughter anyone.

Thank you for saying this. I wish this subject could be dropped. It adds nothing to the discussion. IMO
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