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Discussion in 'Grim Sleeper' started by JBean, Dec 5, 2009.

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    OK, maybe not professional posters, but posters that are professionals :) Although a lot of you probably are professional posters by this time.

    We are lucky enough to have posters from all walks of life with a broad spectrum of expertise and/or some may have special inside knowledge about a case.This is all extremely valuable information for the forum.

    But,we like to make sure that anyone posting as a professional in a specific area truly is what/who they claim to be. This is not a new rule and has always been the case. But it seems unclear to some and I wanted to clarify it.

    This thread is to reference posters that are posting as experts in certain areas, such as law ,psychology,LE, and we even have a resident chemist. This also applies to those that claim to be insiders to a case.

    Basically if any information from a particular poster is to be given more weight based on the fact that they claim to have special knowledge in any one area, we need to confirm it for the posting membership.

    We ask that posters that are posting with expertise in a specific area contact Tricia so she can confirm their credentials. This is 100% voluntary and no one is ever required to reveal their true identity unless they want to post as an expert. Please know that Tricia does not reveal ANYONE'S identity if you should choose to be confirmed by her.

    We just want to make sure that if posters rely on information posted by someone with special training, that they do actually have that training.
    if someone posts with "expertise", and they are not on this list, do not assume they are an expert, but rather use your own judgement as to how much weight you would like to give it.

    The following are current members in good standing that have been authenticated by Tricia and are free to post professionally or as an insider to a case:

    K9 SAR & Police
    SAR management

    Psychology and Character Profiling



    Hell's Belle
    Nancy Botwin




    Health Professionals

    kaRN- Registered Nurse
    PensFan- Psych Nurse and MPH



    Animal Search and Rescue


    Criminal Justice


    Insiders and/or Locals

    Exit13(Caylee Anthony forum)
    NitrousPowrdSS (Caylee Anthony forum)
    Tony Padilla(Caylee Anthony Forum)
    Sarah (Four People Murdered in VA College Town)
    Jeremy's Mom (Jeremy Travis murder)
    Nannyto5 (Jeremy Travis murder)
    mareca0301 (Jeremy Travis murder)

    If you would like to add youself as an expert in a certain field or an insider to a case, please contact Tricia.

    If you do not wish to be identified as an expert in a certain area, we only ask that you refrain from answering questions that are specifically directed to those that have been verified as specialist in their area.

    If a member posts with "expertise" please check to make sure they are on this list. If not, please do not take their post as professional information, but rather just as another opinion ;much as you would with any member of the general posting membership.
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    This is a work in process and we have more names to add to the list from across the forums . But I wanted to get this notice up as soon as possible.
    If you know someone from the caylee forum that should be on this list or if you should be on it, please send me a note.

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