Found Deceased Veronica R. Abouchuk, 52; Anchorage AK; *Brian Steven Smith* Not Guilty Plea; Trial Oct 2019

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    ***Brian Steven Smith entered his pleas through a public defender Monday in the death of Veronica Abouchuk. Police say he confessed to shooting a woman in 2017 or 2018, provided them the location where he said he left the body, and confirmed Abouchuk was that woman when shown her picture.

    Smith earlier pleaded not guilty to similar charges in the death of Kathleen Henry. Authorities allege Smith photographed and videotaped the brutal death and kept the imagery on a memory card he lost.

    The person who found it turned it over to police. Detectives recognized the man’s accent on the tape, which led them to arrest Smith, who is originally from South Africa.

    The suspect in a brutal torture killing in Alaska’s biggest city ended up leading police right to him, first by losing a digital memory card labeled “Homicide at midtown Marriott” that contained video of the dying woman.
    The Latest: South African pleads not guilty in Alaska death -

    ***"When I think about that, I think about how could I have missed something like that?" she said. "We all have tempers at times, but I never saw one that would do what these people are describing."
    Bissland described her husband as someone who loved the outdoors and was often capturing Alaska’s majestic beauty and rural villages in photos and videos. Smith, who had been working at a hotel when he was arrested, also loved gadgets and was captured in one home video flying a drone outside the couple’s home.

    Wife Of Man Accused Of Recording Killing Of Alaskan Woman On Memory Card Is Shocked By The Charges Against Him

    ***Prosecutors announced last week that Smith had also been charged in the death ofAbouchuk, an Anchorage woman originally from St. Michael who would have been 52 when she was reported missing earlier this year.

    At Monday’s court hearing, Smith entered a plea of not guilty to the new counts, which include homicide, evidence tampering and desecration of a corpse, through his attorney, public defender Dan Lowery.
    Victim’s family members and activists pack court hearing of man accused of killing two Alaska Native women

    ***On Thursday, Oct. 17, officials held a news conference to announce a second indictment including charges of murder, evidence tampering, and misconduct with a corpse in relation to Abouchuk's death, which Smith allegedly told detectives happened between 2017 and 2018. APD said a skull found with a gunshot wound earlier this year belonged to 53-year-old Abouchuk.
    'Why did he do it?': Family of murdered Alaska Native woman faces alleged killer in court

    ***Anchorage Police say they have now determined that Veronica Abouchuk, one of the victims killed by Brian Smith, was most likely murdered in August of 2018, eight months before her body was found near the Old Glenn Highway.
    New Update on the Murder of Veronica Abouchuk

    ***Abouchuk was reported missing in February and was last seen last year, authorities say. Her remains were found along the Old Glenn Highway in April, when Alaska State Troopers recovered a skull with a gunshot wound from an area east of the old Eklutna Power Plant.

    A missing-person alert from Anchorage police in July described Abouchuk as homeless. Her family last saw her in July 2018.
    Anchorage man accused of hotel killing charged in the death of another woman
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