Victim: Megan Waterman, 22, missing June 2010, found Gilgo Beach Dec 2010 *Rex Heuermann charged*

A&E with the help of Josh and Rachel barely scratched the surface of the sinister occurances in this small beach front strip of land. HBO needs to step up there game now and blow the lid on the incompetence of the 2nd highest paid police force in the nation.
Looking back at Blake.....why did the FBI go after Cruz & Blake but left Terry, Pak/Diaz, Schaller? From the below link it seems they uncovered a whole bunch of criminal activity from Blake & Cruz. It's very significant that Amber was asked to meet someone at the hotel megan disappeared at! And it's very telling that Blake was arrested at the motel where Melissa's phone pinged at. Read the below look at what blake did....buying the clothes it fits with the breeding/ wine&dined theory put forward by earlier profiles. He's involved in prostitution where the victims are coming from and he's flying people into to NY to traffic them as basically sex slaves. I think Blake needs a good hard a lot of ways....he really fits the profile and there are alot of coincidences with him. Don't forget he's also from East New York so he likely knows Khalil White.....

Blake is expected to go to trial later this year on sex trafficking and Mann Act charges. In the original criminal complaint filed against him in February 2011, FBI agents said that in August 2010 he had a woman and her 18-month-old child flown from Maine to New York. Blake then allegedly threatened the woman to force her to work as a prostitute at the JFK Inn near Kennedy Airport, according to the complaint.

Blake also took the woman shopping for sexy lingerie and shoes, then threatened her with potential loss of access to her child if she didn't repay him $1,000, according to the complaint.
Prostitution plea linked to Gilgo case

Also...why the use of Jane Doe #5 and Jane doe #4? Could the FBI have uncovered info that linked Blake (who posted the online ads) to one of the unidentified? Why would they use Jane Doe 4&5?

Blake did 7 years in prison.
I questioned this child previously. Evidently, the mother filed the complaint against Blake in 2011 for incidents that took place in Aug 2010... the posts are here in the thread.

Of note, I just noticed Blake will be free this time next year... he's suppose to be released Oct 2016.

You questioned what child? The 18 month old listed in some articles?
According to this news report Cruz admitted he took two women from Maine to Long Island, and these women were identified as Jane Doe #4 and Jane Doe #5 with LE saying Megan is Jane Doe #5. My question is... Is Jane Doe #4 (mentioned in the article) another of the bodies found, or is she still alive (and "Jane Doe #4" is used to protect her privacy)??

Prostitution plea linked to Gilgo case

End of article... Blake forced a woman and her 18 month old to fly to NY... are these two the unidentified mother and child bodies? I want to think they are not... but maybe so??

no they were not bodies found. They are alive.
You questioned what child? The 18 month old listed in some articles?

I think so. See these particular posts for specific reference: 102, 104, 145, 146 and 500. It's been a long time since I visited this thread... But, I believe those posts will help answer your questions about my post... Including my reference to Jane Doe's. I am not sure we will ever know real answers.

This post on page 6 mentions "endangering the welfare of a child".

Victim: Megan Waterman
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Hi, I'm a new member here, but I have been following the LISK cases for many years. I was once a working girl when I was young....I was naive like Megan, and I know I easily could have shared her fate. This post is a bump/memorial for sex workers like matter what you think of the profession, no one deserves what happened to these women.
Has anyone else seen the recent comment made by Megan’s daughter online? I just happened across it by chance. The comment is discussing Megan’s relationship with Cruz (vibe) I’m not sure if I’m allowed to link it or discuss the contents of the comment on here though.
Hey guys, check out this video of where Megan was last seen walking out of the Holiday Inn Express..get a sense of how busy and unsafe the service road of the LIE would be to walk to the store. It seems more likely the killer asked her to go there so he could pick her up outside of the hotel cameras. There is even a safer way to walk to that Sunoco convenience store via an industrial complex road that would be much safer than walking along the LIE at night. Pretty much no one does that ever.

Video of where Megan Waterman walked on the night of her disappearance
What if LISK is a postal worker? He would know his way around. And be able to have access to names and addresses. I wonder if the police have looked into the mail man who worked at Oak Beach. Or some of the places these woman lived?

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