WV Victor Dewight Shoemaker, Jr. (5) - Kirby WV, 1994

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    Case Type: Missing
    DOB: Mar 30, 1989
    Sex: Male
    Missing Date: May 1, 1994
    Race: White
    Age Now: 16
    Height: 122 cm (4'0")
    Missing City: Weight: 18 kg (40 lbs)
    Missing State :
    WVHair Color: Blonde
    Missing Country: United States
    Eye Color: Blue
    Case Number: USWVSHOMAKER
    Circumstances: Victor Shoemaker's photo has been age progressed to 13 years of age. He was last seen playing with other children in the woods near Short Mountain, West Virginia. Victor left the group and has not been seen since. He was last wearing red shorts and a red T-shirt.

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