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    Victoria was last seen picking up her cheque in Vancouver then her body was found 36 km north of Lougheed highway on Sylvester Road near Mission BC. What happened to Victoria? Could someone be waiting around when the people pick up their cheques and think they are easy prey?

    Victoria Lynn YOUNKER

    Cold Case Files

    Name : Victoria Lynn YOUNKER
    (aka: Nicole JOHNSON or Nicole JOSEPH)
    (nee: LAHAM)
    Location : near Mission, British Columbia (BC)
    Details : On Saturday, October 21st, 1995, the nude and partially decomposed body of 35 year old Victoria YOUNKER was located approximately 36 kilometres north of Lougheed Highway #7, on Sylvester Road, near Mission, BC. Victoria’s body was found laying some 25 feet down an embankment at the dead end of the logging spur road.
    Victoria was a Street Trade Worker and also engaged in petty thefts to support her drug habit. She routinely worked the Vancouver downtown eastside area primarily between Main Street and Victoria Drive. Several pieces of her identification were later discovered in a dumpster, near the Vernon Rooms Hotel, 300 Vernon St., Vancouver, BC.
    Investigation and evidence at the scene revealed Victoria’s death occurred at least thirty (30) days prior to the body discovery. Victoria was last seen on Monday, September 11th, 1995, at Ministry offices 666 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC. Victoria also failed to pick up her social assistance cheque on September 25th, 1995.
    Contact : If you have any information about this case, please contact:

    File : Mission Detachment File: 1995 - 15144
    RCMP Headquarters File: 2004 - 1284

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    The bodies of Tammy Pipe, Tracy Olajide, and Victoria Younker, shown in this police handout photo, were found in remote areas of the Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver, between August and October 1995



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