Vietnam - Heartbreaking video shows disabled man 'suspended on ropes'

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    WARNING: Disturbing content. The man is living in a house ill-equipped for his needs due to poverty, but social media has come together to offer help

    Heartbreaking video shows disabled man 'suspended on ropes by poverty-stricken family for decades'

    Sad story: The tale has been spreading on Facebook talking about the tragic situation of the man's suffering

    This upsetting footage appears to show the life of a man who suffers from cerebral palsy and lives in poverty.

    At 47-years-old, he hangs from a specially-constructed web of ropes and wires, reportedly because his family cannot afford to get him the help he needs.

    The video shows a thin man with his hands and feet tied in foam plastic bags and hanging, suspended in the air by the bed with specially-made steel.

    Thought to be named Hoe Ba Quat, the man has been pictured with his mum Cao Ba Quat, who says the family hasn't got the money to change his life for the better.

    The hanging is intended to stop him from rubbing his body on his bed to scratch, which can cause bleeding wounds.
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    Bless this families heart! I hope they find the help they need for this poor guy. I commend them for their effort to ward of bed sores. I have seen way to many caretakers just not care about how detrimental the sores can be.

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