Visitor To Local Cemetery Encounters Frightening Grave-Side Sight

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    A Cincinnati woman, still in mourning, made a horrific discovery this weekend next to her boyfriend's grave.

    She found a human foot and other bones, but not below the ground, where they were supposed to be.

    "I'm still in shock, I can't believe it," Johnson said.

    When Johnson went to visit her boyfriend of five years who was murdered in December what she found next to his grave was a foot and some bones that resembled vertabrae sticking out of a mound of soil.

    "I got in the car and I sat there for about a half hour shocked, so I went to the store and got a camera and came back and took pictures," said Johnson.

    "I can't believe what we're seeing here," said Chief David Heimpold, Springfield Township Police Department.

    "For some reason they've dug up old graves and left body parts on top of the ground," Heimpold continued.

    The caretaker and the pastor of the Bethel AME Church, who oversees the cemetery eventually arrived and looked through records to try and determine who the deceased is.
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