Vital signs found in boy thought dead

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    BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- A hospital worker preparing a drowned 2-year-old for a funeral home noticed the boy was breathing -- more than an hour after he had been pronounced dead.

    Logan Pinto apparently wandered away from his baby sitter Thursday and fell into a canal near his home in Rexburg, about 275 miles east of Boise. He was submerged for nearly 30 minutes before police found him a half-mile downstream, said Rexburg police Capt. Randy Lewis.

    Though an officer gave him CPR and emergency workers did everything they could to revive him, Lewis said, the boy was pronounced dead when it appeared the effort had failed. After giving the boy's mother and stepfather -- Debra and Joe Gould -- some time to say goodbye, Madison Memorial Hospital nurse Mary Zollinger began to prepare Logan's body for the funeral home.

    But when she looked at the boy, she noticed his chest was slightly moving and realized that Logan was alive.

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