Vote ~ which one of these people should win free tattoo removal?

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    Here are the candidates for a free tattoo removal donated by a local doctor.

    From Matt Blythe of Lansing:

    "Until this last year I never regretted having my wedding ring tattooed on my finger.

    "For six years I was a helicopter mechanic and flight instructor for the Army, and this tattoo allowed me to wear my wedding ring even in situations too dangerous to wear our gold bands.

    "The divorce was final 14 days before our tenth anniversary. Now I regret my tattoo every day. My Army buddies have suggested chopping off my finger and mailing it to my ex-wife, but until I can get it removed, I think I'll consider it a character building reminder."

    From Wendy Bradfield of Lansing:

    "Once upon a time there was a punk-rock girl who got a tattoo. She branded herself like a proud steer, and was very happy. Eleven years later, no longer a punk-rocker, the girl finds herself enjoying a career working as a belly dancer, working endlessly to conceal the tattoo.

    "After all, most Arab families really don't like the outlaw belly dancer performing at their weddings.

    "At times the girl simply thinks of quitting, as the stress is too much, but, you see, she cannot because to do so would strangle the dove of her heart.

    "She will not go sleeveless, even in regular clothes, because she feels like a sailor. As she changes, the tattoo remains the same, creating this strange self-imprisonment.

    "So, as the tattooed belly dancer longs for the time when she was unmarked, she also prays that her costume sleeves shift not."

    From Teresa Brown of East Lansing:

    "I am tempted to write you a sad story of why I want to have a tattoo removed. What if my parents were abusive and tattooed my name on my arm before age 10? Surely that would win.

    "But, unfortunately, I was just young and stupid. I started getting tattoos after I graduated from high school in 1991. Everyone told me I would regret it. My answer to them was 'What else in your life will be with you forever?'

    "I regret all four of my tattoos, but I am going to tell you the story of the tattoo I regret most.

    "In May 1992 I had just completed my first year at MSU. I had a little get together with a few of my friends. We were drinking gimlets and smoking cigars. I decided that night that I could not live another day without a cherub on my hip.

    "I truly hate this tattoo. It was a dumb decision and it is ugly. I will never get another tattoo, and hope to some day get rid of the ones that I have."

    From Barb Carter of Lansing:

    "I waited a very long time to get a tattoo, but not long enough obviously.

    "I was about 16 when I first wanted one, but waited until I was 28.

    "I figured that, by that age I knew what I wanted. Well about a year after I had it done I wanted it gone.

    "I am now almost 40. I have a 4-year-old son and I don't want people to judge him because I have a big ugly tattoo of a wizard on my leg."

    From Kristi Doe of Lansing:

    "Once upon a time, a 16-year-old girl was trying to make a statement and instead made a mistake that would scar her for the rest of her life.

    "She thought she would show everyone -- mostly her parents -- that she called the shots, and got a tattoo of a skull with a top hat and a flower in its mouth, on her left shoulder.

    "Ten years later I'm all grown up with a 3-year-old daughter of my own, I deeply regret my tattoo. Also, I realize all my parents wanted was what was best for me."

    From Carrie Feher of Lansing:

    "I first got my tattoo at age 17. I was extremely naïve and thought the world ended at 20.

    "I was seeing a guy that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. We were both into drugs and partying. My tattoo is his initials. To make matters worse, it's not even jailhouse quality, and it's on my left arm.

    Since then, I have gotten married to a wonderful man and we have a 6-month old daughter. I no longer party or do drugs. I've gotten my G.E.D. and am attending Lansing Community College.

    "I've completely turned my life around. This tattoo is a constant reminder of the way I was living and how little respect I had for my life. It is something I regret doing and would love to get rid of."

    From Sabrina Free of Lansing:

    "In 1983 I fancied myself to be madly in love with someone, and had his zodiac sign tattooed within a heart on my, uh, chest.

    "The relationship ultimately led to marriage and divorce, spanned over a decade, and caused much suffering to me, my ex-husband, our six collective children, and countless other people.

    " I count it as one of the top three major mistakes of my life, and assume he feels the same way.

    "While the emotional reasons warrant removal of this tattoo, there are aesthetic reasons as well. Trust me when I say that the chest of a woman is not the smartest place for ANY tattoo.

    "I imagine myself on my deathbed at Sparrow Hospital, with the nurses bent over me checking my heart for life, and thinking, 'Whatever possessed this old woman to get that tattoo? AND WHAT ON EARTH WAS IT????"

    From Mary Greco of Lansing:

    "About five years ago, I decided that I wanted a small tribal tattoo on my lower back.

    "I became addicted. However, not in the sense most tattoo addicts are addicted; tattoos became an outlet for the pain I was experiencing in a relationship.

    "My small tattoo became bigger and bigger. After the relationship ended, I looked in the mirror one day and realized how much I hated the tattoo and what it represented, not to mention how unattractive it actually was.

    "I am too embarrassed to let anyone see my tattoo as I am a professional. I would be ever-so-grateful to have this removed."

    From Brenna Lantz of Lansing:

    "I was sixteen and put a tattoo of a boy's name down my leg. We split up and I wanted it covered up.

    "I had a friend who was into tattooing. Therefore, I told him I wanted a small lizard to cover the name.

    "I never looked at what he was doing and suddenly I had this huge dragon head on my leg -- and that was only half the tattoo.

    "So now I have this 5-inch-long, 3-inch-wide dragon on my leg.

    "I am a mother now and once my child starts school, I don't want the other children, or parents, looking down on her for her mother's past."

    From Sandy Lopez of Lansing:

    "I am writing this letter to try and get my tattoo removed from my ankle. I think that I have a good story to tell.

    "I got a tattoo when I was very young, and without my parents permission. It is a picture of a clover that I really liked because our family is Irish, or so I thought.

    "I hid this from my parents for a very long time because I knew they would not approve. As time went on, I found out that in fact, our family is not Irish at all. So now I am stuck with this clover on my ankle and when people ask me if I'm Irish, I have to say no and I feel very foolish.

    "Now I am older and I work in a professional atmosphere and a tattoo seems inappropriate for this setting.

    "Please help me get this removed."

    From Christine McCallister of Bath:

    "I won a 50/50 prize drawing at a high school basketball game about 13 years ago. Wow, was I rich, holding an extra $150 in my pocket.

    "I could have bought a schoolbook, or paid rent, but my mom's friend told me to 'do something you have always wanted to do -- something your mom doesn't approve of.'

    "So, I went to a local tattoo shop and had a palm tree added to my ankle. No real reason for a palm tree. I just thought it was cute.

    "Well, it is no longer cute, and although I am a pretty loyal Jimmy Buffett 'parrot head,' I do not want his state tree on my body.

    "Please make my 'just-to-spite-my-mom' tattoo disappear!"

    From Rachod Mildton of Lansing:

    "I am 27, and the father of three young daughters. I have had this tattoo since I was 21. I would like to have the tattoo removed, but currently I do not have the finances to put that in motion.

    "In my younger days I was with the wrong crowd, abusing alcohol, and hanging out in the streets. To show them how different I could be I had a tattoo of a villain placed on my face underneath my left eye.

    "The moment I got the tattoo, I regretted it. However, I wore it as a badge of honor knowing in my heart that it was something ugly.

    "Now that I'm sober, mature, and more positive, I carry the tattoo as a horrible scar and an awful reminder of my past misdeeds.

    "I have to be a positive role model for my daughters and I don't want them growing up saying that daddy has a tattoo of a villain on his face.

    "With this tattoo removed, it will help me gain the confidence I need to ensure a better life for my children and me."

    From Wendy Mull of Charlotte:

    "This topic is so near to my heart, that I couldn't hold back.

    "In my late teens, I was rebellious, and a little wild. At 19 I attended a party with some friends, and my boyfriend.

    "A guy at the party offered to give me a tattoo. At my boyfriend's urging, I did so.

    "To make matters worse the tattoo included my name and my boyfriend's, and it is from the top of my shoulder to underneath my shoulder blade. Of course, the "relationship" only lasted a month, but the tattoo lives on.

    "I am now 31, and an intelligent, classy, Christian woman, except for my tattoo. I am engaged to Mr. Wonderful, but when we became engaged he requested that I get my tattoo removed.

    "The removal of my tattoo would set me free from my past, and give me a handle on my future."

    A few more tattoo stories to read and you can vote at this link :)
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    If I had to vote, I'd go for the guy with the tattoo on his face. I can't imagine what that must be like and there is just no way to cover it up. Everyone else can cover it somehow for important occassions with clothing or a bandage or something. The guy with the facial one can't do that. So, that is why I choose him.
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    I agree 100%.

    Its mostly all women who were once silly girls and their tattoos are easy hid(also most of them claim to be "professionals" and it seems to me they should pay to get them removed which,speaking from expirence,isnt that expensive) but this guy really needs it!
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    My nephew, now 24, got one when he was 19 or 20. It was some kind of a band or ring around his upper arm, in black. His attitude later probably will be, "oh well..." After a few years, it is already becoming indistinct and fading a little.
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    I agree too. The one on the guy's face needs to go. I'm so glad that I never got one!!!
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    Definately the guy with the tat on his face. Everyone needs to vote for him! I did. The girl with the skull with a top hot and rose on her left shoulder is currently in the lead. Vote for the face guy! He needs it most...

    In my opinion,

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