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Links to advocates & Crime Victim Resources. Also Domestic and Family Violence Resources
Vermont Victim Advocates
Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services
58 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05676
(802) 241-2302 / 800-750-1213
800-845-4874 (TTY)
The mission of the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services is to join with victims, survivors, and those who interact with victims to implement, sustain, and support a system of services across Vermont that is victim-centered, comprehensive, and just. Programs include the Victims Compensation Program, which provides limited financial assistance to Vermont's victims of violent crime who have experienced a financial loss as a direct result of that crime; and the Victim Assistance Program, which maintains 24 advocates in the Attorney General and State's Attorneys' offices throughout Vermont’s fourteen counties to guide victims through the criminal justice process and to act as liaison with the State's Attorneys and other criminal justice agencies.
Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services

Being a victim of crime can be a painful and difficult experience. As a victim, or a victim's family member, you may feel helpless, angry or afraid. You also may feel frustrated and confused by the criminal justice system. You have rights! In this section you will find information about the rights that are guaranteed to you under Vermont statute.
Note: Certain serious crimes are known as "listed crimes." These include aggravated assault, domestic assault, sexual assault, stalking, kidnapping, or violation of a final relief from abuse order. If you are a victim of one of these crimes, or if you are a surviving immediate family member of a homicide victim, you are entitled to all of the rights below and others. For more information on your rights and a complete description of "listed crimes," contact your local State's Attorney's Office (see "Help Finding a County Advocate" in Victim Assistance Program section).
Office of Attorney General Victim Services
Being a victim of crime can be a painful and difficult experience. As a victim, or a victim’s family member, you may feel helpless, angry, or fearful. You also may be frustrated and confused by the legal system. There are free services designed to help you recover from the crime and deal with the legal system.
The Right to Choice
As a victim of crime, you have the right to choose some of the ways you participate in the criminal justice system. For example:
•It is your choice to attend hearings.
•It is your choice to speak at sentencing, or send a written or tape-recorded statement, or have someone speak for you.
•It is your choice to receive notice about court dates.
•It is your choice to ask for restitution.
Dept. for Children and Families
This site has state links and National Links

Vermont Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
The Vermont Network is the federally recognized domestic and sexual violence coalition in Vermont. The Vermont Network is a statewide resource on domestic and sexual violence issues. Its staff provide support for Network programs through training, technical assistance and capacity building; advocate for public policy that supports victims and holds offenders accountable; and seek to change societal attitudes and beliefs through community outreach and prevention.
Dept. of Mental Health - Domestic Violence
Domestic violence refers to violence in intimate partner relationships. These relationships include marital partners, cohabiting and non-cohabiting partners, and former partners, both heterosexual and same-gender. Domestic violence is a pattern of assaultive and coercive behaviors, including physical, sexual and psychological tactics as well as economic coercion that adults or adolescents use against their intimate partners. Domestic violence happens when one partner uses these tactics to gain and maintain power and control over the other partner.
Resources by state on violence against women
Below is a list of resources for women who have experienced abuse.
If you do not find your state in this list, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH) for assistance in locating programs in your area. You can reach the NDVH at 800-799-SAFE (7233) or TDD 800-787-3224.

Organizations are listed by state. The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are also included. Click on any state name to jump to its organizations. Click any organization name for program and contact information.

Vermont Network Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
P.O. Box 405
Montpelier, VT 05601
Toll-free phone number(s):
(800) 228-7395 Domestic Violence
(800) 489-7273 Sexual Assault

Phone number(s):
(802) 223-1115 TTY
(802) 223-1302

Fax: (802) 223-6943
E-mail address: vtnetwork@vtnetwork.org
Web site address: http://www.vtnetwork.org/
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