CONVICTION OVERTURNED VT - Michael Borello, 43, shot to death, North Wolcott, Sept 2000

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    Murder suspect fires fifth attorney

    Published: Friday, February 8, 2008
    By Adam Silverman
    Free Press Staff Writer

    Murder suspect Dennis Tribble, ordered in December to repair his faltering relationship with his fifth court-appointed attorney, has received permission to fire the lawyer.

    "It became very clear that the attorney-client relationship has been completely destroyed, nonexistent, adversarial," said prosecutor Joel Page, the Lamoille County state's attorney. "The passage of time since our pretrial hearing seemingly had not caused any improvement."

    A judge told Tribble, 57, of Wolcott that the new lawyer, Dan Maguire of Essex, will be his last. If things don't work out, Tribble must represent himself.
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