VT - Rex Butterfield & Barbara Doyle for defrauding elderly widow, 2005

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    He did this from his jail cell..

    Here is the story from 2005;
    news link
    The 14-page indictment not only lists the charges, but also provides a three-page outline of the alleged scheme by the mother-and-son team to take money from the Benson widow, Joan C. Cunningham.

    According to the indictment, Butterfield has been in a New Jersey prison since his conviction in September 1995 for an armed robbery on Jan. 25, 1994.

    According to the indictment, sometime in late 1997 Butterfield "initiated contact" with Cunningham after reading about her and finding her Vermont phone number. He allegedly learned of Cunningham through an alumni magazine in which her name and contact information were listed.

    "From that initial phone call until 2005, the defendants Rex Butterfield and Barbara Doyle maintained a steady stream of phone calls and letters to Joan Cunningham, persuading her that Rex Butterfield cared deeply about and was in love with her," the indictment stated.

    "During the course of these solicitations, Rex Butterfield and Barbara Doyle persuaded Joan Cunningham to transfer money and things of value to their control."

    Between 1999 and 2001, when the larger money transfers took place, Butterfield and Doyle "lulled" Cunningham "with ongoing letters and calls assuring her of their love, affection and fidelity."

    New York mother and son plead guilty to defrauding widow
    news link
    BURLINGTON, Vt. -- A New York mother and son pleaded guilty Thursday to defrauding an 84-year-old widow of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Rex J. Butterfield, 35, and Barbara Doyle, 59, both of Queens, N.Y., are scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 4.

    Butterfield pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit mail and wire fraud; Doyle, his alleged accomplice, pleaded guilty to felony tax fraud.

    Butterfield, who was in prison in New Jersey for armed robbery, found out how to contact the Benson widow in a magazine article about wolves in 1997. He then wrote and called her over several years, claiming to love her and wanting to marry her, court record said.
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