WA - Carnation, Fem Skull UP9933, 18-50, in horse pasture, Nov'06

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    NamUs UP Case 9933


    Unidentified Unsure female
    * Found 25 November 2006 in King County, WA
    * Estimated Year of Death: 1970 to 1990
    * Estimated postmortem interval: 10 years

    Vital Statistics
    * Estimated age:
    Adult Pre 50
    * Approximate Height: cannot estimate
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: nothing.

    * Dentals: Dental information /charting is available and entered

    * Clothing/Jewelry: nothing

    * DNA:
    Sample submitted - Tests complete

    Case History: Partial skull found in horse pasture. No dentition; search yielded no additional remains.
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