WA - Frankie Austin, 59, & Wes Simpson, 67, murdered, Thurston Co., 23 Sept 2013

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    Detectives say Lewis not only admits killing his mother but then going to the Lacey home of his 67-year-old friend Westley Simpson who was in a wheelchair. Lewis told police he wanted to help his friend go to a better place with where he would not have to suffer anymore. Detectives say Lewis attacked Simpson with screwdriver stabbed him and severed his spine.

    A good Samaritan named Teri Lynne discovered the victim in Lacey because his dog Bella was darting in and out of traffic on Marvin road.

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    Dear Lord, Mr. Simpson survived? He was already in a wheelchair. Bless the poor person who found him and was kind enough to follow the dog.

    Lewis also cut off his mother's ring finger and stole her ring.

    Family tried to get him to commit himself.

    Sad, sad, sad!

    One person on the comments section at link said he golfed with Lewis who was a great golfer at one time. He said he was a bit odd, but would never think he'd do something like this.

    Lots of sad comments by people that obviously have not had loved ones that suffer from mental illness.

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    this is just horrific. He killed his mom's doggie too. Mom's husband apparently knew right away that it was her son when the husband came home and discovered his wife.

    And the friend - if he lives - will have zero use of his extremities and will need to use a ventilator. Not exactly a "better place", eh? jeez, this is just so terrible.

    I reiterate: Mental Illness. When are we going to take it seriously in this country. (no need to reply to this comment, just ranting...)

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