GUILTY WA - Georgina Latshaw, 37, murdered, Everett, 7 Feb 2014


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Aug 15, 2010
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Sorry if this case has already been posted I couldn't find it by searching.

A 16-year-old from Washington State has been arrested for battering his mother to death with a dumbbell - one day after he gave an emotional interview questioning who could have done such a thing.
Brad George was arrested on Saturday after 37-year-old Georgina Latshaw was found dead in her bedroom on Friday afternoon by police after the Everett teen called 911.

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R.I.P Georgina Latshaw it's terrible your son may have done this.


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Oct 4, 2014
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April 2015:

Teen, 17, pleads guilty to killing the woman who raised him

A Snohomish County judge on Thursday sentenced a mentally ill teenager to 24 years in prison for bludgeoning his guardian to death last year.

Gina Latshaw didn’t give birth to Brad George but she was his mom. She had raised the boy since he was a toddler and spent years trying to find the right help for him. He was neglected as an infant and showed symptoms of mental illness from an early age.

Latshaw, 37, never gave up on her son.

“I think what I’ve agreed with myself is I’m going to make things better then what they are now,” George said Thursday. “I am sorry.”

George, 17, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder before he was sentenced. Lawyers had agreed to recommend the 24-year sentence.