Found Safe WA - Hunter Fraser, 44, Olympic National Park, 6 June 2023


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Dec 31, 2019
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(Photo from the following link.)

Stanford biology professor Hunter Fraser has gone missing while on a 40-mile, two-night, solo hike in Washington’s Olympic National Forest. He began the hike on Monday, June 5, 2023; last made contact (via text) with relatives on Tuesday morning, June 6, 2023; and was due to conclude his hike (and was reported missing on) Wednesday, June 7, 2023. He was last reported seen on Monday, June 5, west of Deer Park Campground.

Fraser was due in court on Friday, June 9, 2023 to face a felony domestic violence charge pertaining to an incident on July 4, 2022 where he allegedly threw his girlfriend on the ground and later slammed a door into her while playing a game with her and Fraser’s daughter. The woman suffered broken ribs as a result of the incident. Fraser has maintained his innocence in the matter.

Fraser is 44 years old and 6-foot-3-inches tall. He has small scars on his head and chin. He was traveling with a “well-supplied” gray backpack and a teal, one-person Mountain Hardware “Solitude” tent.

According to the first article, “Anyone who was in the area of Slab Camp, Deer Park, Gray Wolf Trail, Cameron Creek Trail, or Grand Valley between June 5 and June 8 is asked to call NPS at 888-653-0009.”
  • Mon June 5, AM - Fraser left on a 40-mile hike and has not returned. His vehicle was parked at Deer Ridge Trailhead.
  • Mon June 5, Afternoon - Last seen west of Deer Park Campground.
  • Tues June 6 AM - Last contact with family via text.
  • Wed June 7, mid-day - Fraser was expected to return to Seattle.
  • Wed June 7, 6:17 PM - Sheriff was notified by park officials of the overdue hiker and began an extensive search at Deer Ridge Trail, where Fraser's car was parked.
  • Fri June 9 - Due in Palo Alto court to face a felony domestic violence charge.
Clallam County Sheriff's Office | Facebook

Stanford professor goes missing in Washington amid domestic violence charges

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JUN 10, 2023
Fraser's sister Whitney has posted updates to Facebook twice on Friday, saying that '4-5 teams' were on the ground with search dogs and a helicopter rescue was attempting to find her brother.

She adds that rescue crews will continue searching through Saturday.

JUN 9, 2023
Olympic National Park dispatched several search teams on June 9th including Olympic National Park Search and Rescue, Olympic Mountain Rescue, Kitsap Explorer Search and Rescue, Jefferson Search and Rescue, Pierce County Search and Rescue, and dog teams from Kitsap, Pierce, and Mason Counties.

While the region has been experiencing a stretch of very nice weather, the high country of Olympic National Park is still very much covered in snow. Visitors to the mountains should be prepared for snow covered trails and navigating avalanche terrain. The proper equipment is necessary. Visitors that plan to stay overnight in the backcountry of Olympic National Park are required to have a Wilderness Permit. These permits help rangers know the general itinerary of an individual and includes an emergency contact.
Great news. Hopefully he recovers in time to attend his new court date.

Tessa Stephenson, the deputy district attorney assigned to the case, said the preliminary hearing was rescheduled to June 28.

Fraser issued a statement to The Daily Mail, denying the domestic abuse charges against him and stating that he had intended to appear at the court hearing before going missing while hiking.

Fraser […] claims he slipped on a snowy slope, hitting his head which caused him to become 'disoriented and lost.'

'I found myself deep in the wilderness, far from any trail. I eventually found a stream and followed it through very dense, steep terrain for many miles,' he said.

He then claims he spent the next two days hiking 15 hours each day[.]

After finding and taking an inactive trail, he eventually doubled back to another trail and found a road, where he was rescued. He was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with a concussion.

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