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    Missing person details:
    Name: Jeannette Rose Miller
    Nickname: Jeanette
    Date of birth: 14/09/1953
    Current age (if alive): 62
    Age at disappearance: 17
    Date of disappearance: 16/09/1970
    Location of disappearance: Arlington, Snohomish County, Washington
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 110lb
    Race: White
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Brown suede jacket, with fringe, long sleeved white blouse, white, yellow, blue and black plaid skirt, gold chain belt and dark blue shoes
    Medical conditions: Three-tooth denture plate on the left side of upper jaw

    Details of disappearance:
    Jeanette was last seen on September 16, 1970 on the Lincoln Bridge in Arlington.
    She was walking in the direction of her home up the SR530, when she was supposed to be picked up by her mother at the high school on French avenue.

    After Jeanette went missing, her family carried on looking for her along with the local community, however nothing was found that led to any clues. Lots of classmates were asked over the years if they had heard from her but none of them said they had.
    The family has never had a memorial service as it has always been a sensitive topic.

    Possible body matches:
    There are almost 40 other less likely matches.

    Possible scenarios:
    Scenario A: Surviving runaway: In this scenario, Jeannette ran away to California and survived: Jeannette had wanted to go to California that summer. Her mother had told her that she’d pick her up from school in the middle of town, but Jeannette went to another location and managed to hitchhike to California. She arrived in California and is still living there…I think this scenario isn’t 100% unlikely. Jeannette had wanted to drive the family car, but was unable to do so for financial reasons. She had wanted to go to California that Summer as well. The fact that she was walking away from the place her mother was supposed to pick her up says to me that something may have been amiss. However, she allegedly didn’t have any problems at home, she got on well with her family and was quite a shy introverted girl and so I doubt that she would’ve tried to run away in the first place.

    Scenario B: Murdered runaway:
    This scenario is the same as Scenario A, except Jeannette was murdered in California: Jeannette ran away to California as stated in scenario A. She fell in with the wrong crowd and was killed within a few weeks of arriving in California…I think this scenario could be more likely than Scenario A. There are reasons as to why Jeannette could have run away to California, however the Jane Doe mentioned above (1057ufca) shows some eerie similarities to Jeannette. The age, height and weight all match and the dental plate is also convincing. It is also mentioned that Jane Doe’s hair was died red and this could be a way for Jeannette to have disguised herself. The place where the body was found was also within the Zodiac Killer’s territory. The timeframe and Jeannette’s age also match this theory and so I think that this scenario could actually be quite likely.

    Scenario C: Wrong place, wrong time: In this scenario, Jeannette found a marijuana plantation: Jeannette forgot that her mother was going to pick her up from school and she walked home. Just after she passed the Lincoln Bridge on the SR530, she went slightly off route and stumbled across a marijuana plantation on the banks of the South Fork Stillaguamish River. She was then killed and hidden as the people who were working on the plantation were worried that she would tell the police…At the time there were problems in the local area with marijuana being grown illegally and I think it’s entirely possible that the people dealing with these drugs would have gone to any measure, even murder, in order to stop people from finding out about what they were doing. I also think it’s unlikely that Jeannette would have run away from her family, especially without contacting them at all over the last 45 years and this could potentially be a much more likely scenario than Scenarios A and B.
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