Deceased/Not Found WA - Ken Lee, 38, Kitsap County, 24 Oct 2002

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    Unsolved: Ken Casey Lee, 38

    The body of Ken Casey Lee was never found, but the Kitsap County Coroner’s Office felt confident enough to issue a death certificate, with the manner of death listed as a homicide.


    For Chad Birkenfeld, a detective with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office, his career cold case is Ken Casey Lee, a 38-year-old who disappeared on Oct. 24, 2002, after an argument in Seabeck.

    Birkenfeld easily recites the details of Lee’s death. Though his body was never found, it is classified as a homicide.

    Birkenfeld opens the Lee file occasionally, refreshing his memory of the details. He still gets tips and follows up leads, and he has even conducted interviews recently.

    Charley Project -

    Washington State Missing Persons -
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    Ken is still missing :(

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