WA - Kenneth Daily, 15, Redmond, 2 March 1985

Discussion in '1980's Missing' started by CarlK90245, Jul 1, 2012.

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    I've been going through HS yearbooks for NamUs no-photo casefiles. I was looking for a photo of Kenneth Allen Daily (or Dailey) of Redmond WA, who was last seen on 02-Mar-1985, and might have gone to California to meet up with a girlfriend.


    I found his sophomore photo in the 1984 Redmond WA yearbook.


    Since his photo is not posted anywhere else, I am starting a thread here for him.
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    Per the link above, under "circumstances" it says "per law enforcement" Ken didn't take his wallet or pack anything. Originally his family thought he ran away to be with an old girlfriend in California.
    I've raised teen boys and I've never had any of them ever leave without their wallets when they were wanting to get away for any reason. I mean if they were upset or anything. They seem to remember to take the important stuff when they are upset but can forget everything else on a daily basis. My own experience & opinion only.
    I think there must have been more going on here - like maybe something at school? I wonder how well his friends/classmates were questioned or given the opportunity to talk. Or if maybe Ken was upset about anything (like the girlfriend being so far away)
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    Bumping with NAMUS Photo:
    Per law enforcement - Originally reported as a runaway. Left his wallet and did not pack anything. Originally family felt he went to California to live with an old girlfriend. Never had contact with family.

    Dental information / charting is available and entered

    DNA Status: Sample is currently not available

    Fingerprint information is currently not available


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