WA WA - Male, UP14154, Everett, 3 January 1979

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    On January 3, 1979, the decedent was discovered in an advanced state of decomposition in the mud flats on the bay just south of Marysville, Washington, off old Highway 99 (Spencer Island). He had distinctive features physically; he had an un-set fracture of the left femur which would have give him a noticeably uneven gait. The decedent is most likely mixed race, White and Native American. He was approximately 30-70 years old with an estimated PMI of 6 months. He had a loss of the anterior left front teeth (left central and lateral incisors) before death with healing of the sockets. Near his body was a red and white plaid shirt, khaki pants brand "FARAH", "Made in the USA" "Never Needs Ironing", 33-34" belt, and a pair of laced shoes (brand O'Sullivan's with 30 3/8 stamped on the inside of the heel), and a black wallet. NamUs lists Titanic Hagen as a ruleout.


    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs)
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