WA - Marvin Moore for child pornography, Auburn, 2006

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    Two years? Two years for 40,000 images and 4,400 videos of sadistic child porn? He pleaded guilty to a single charge. I'm sorry but I don't get it. Yet another time when I have to ask, which child victim got the validation of a conviction?


    Auburn [WA] man accused of owning 40,000 child-porn images goes to prison

    "An Auburn man accused of possessing more than 40,000 images of child pornography has been sentenced to two years in prison. Federal prosecutors said Marvin Moore, 47, had one of the largest-ever local collections of child porn, which they said included more than 4,400 videos. Moore had images of prepubescent minors and children under 12, and images depicting bestiality, young children in bondage, and sadistic and masochistic conduct...."


    Moore pleaded guilty to one count of child possession in November and was sentenced Monday..."


    "....He possessed a very high numer of images of young children being subjected to severe, degrading and traumatic acts of sexual exploitation...."


    "...But on Monday, U.S. District Court Judge James Robart gave Moore a two-year sentence, followed by 15 years of supervised released...."

    more at link
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