WA WA - Marysville, Male UP8969, 20-30, in landfill w/trash from Seattle, Sep'77

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    Published: Friday, June 17, 2011
    By Diana Hefley, Herald Writer

    1977 'John Doe' unearthed to see if death was homicide

    This unidentified male was discovered at a landfill in 1977 (approx September, by reading the rest of the article) while an operator of a bulldozer worked to push mud over the top of garbage.

    Seattle missing persons reports were checked at the time and nothing matched.

    COD could not be established but now the UID male has been exhumed to try to establish COD and to do DNA tests so that he might be identified and returned to his family.

    (Note: I usually don't post in this area much so if my headline needs to be amended to make it easier for those that do, please by all means do so! Also, I did search NamUs and did not find an entry for this UID male)

    I did not search other websites for pages for this male. No other threads popped up during a tag search or while I created this thread.
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    The article indicates:

    ETA: I don't see any 1977 MP's on my list from the Pacific Northwest who fit that description.
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    I submitted this man http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/s/sampson_david.html a few days ago and got this response
    Hello Jessica,

    I do not see that these two have been compared yet. I will forward your suggestion to the investigating agencies for their review.

    Thank you for your interest in these cases.

    Jessica Hager

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