WA - Mayor's son allegedly kills dog with bow and arrow, Pierce County, 2004

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    Young men charged in bow and arrow killing of dog
    ROB TUCKER; The News Tribune

    Pierce County prosecutors charged two men with first-degree animal cruelty Friday, alleging they killed a dog with a bow and arrow after tying it to a tree.

    Prosecutors charged Steven L. Paulson and Troy L. Loney with one count each of the felony crime. Authorities said on March 8 they roped the dog, probably a Siberian husky, to a tree near Wilkeson Elementary School around 5 p.m. and shot it "numerous times" using a bow and one arrow.

    The two men allegedly would remove the arrow from the dog's body and reuse it to shoot the dog again.

    A witness said the men took turns and shot the dog at least 10 times, deputy prosecutor Dennis Ashman said in charging documents filed in Pierce County Superior Court.

    After the dog died, the men threw its body into Wilkeson Creek, he said.

    Police decided not to arrest the pair, said Jim Osborn, a Buckley police detective and Wilkeson town marshal. Both men told authorities they had used a bow and arrow to kill the dog, Ashman said.

    Stroy from Tribnet
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    There is something seriously wrong here that they decided not to arrest these men.

    I'd sure like to see how they would fare being tied to a tree and shot numerous times with a bow.

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