WA - Spokane County - Unidentified Bodies, 1961 to present

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    Here is a link to the Spokane County, WA Medical Examiner's Office listing of Unidentified Bodies. Most of them are currently appearing in the Doenetwork's "hot cases" section. These cases date back to 1961.

    Unidentified Bodies

    This is a list of currently unidentified bodies found in Spokane County. Use of the Internet will greatly expand our reach in finding relatives or friends of these unidentified persons. ...

    Images may include retouched facial photographs, photographs of tattoos and/or personal effects found with the remains. These images may aid in the identification of an unidentified person.

    Images of clay reconstructions, computer enhancements/reconstructions and composite sketches may be presented. These fabricated images may not always resemble the individual as they actually appeared during life and are prone to error. They have been created to generate leads in the investigation and to enhance the possibility of successfully identifying any of these individuals.

    If you have any information about any of the unidentified individuals listed here please contact the Investigator involved at (509) 477-2296. ...

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    The link has changed:


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