Wallet lost 69 years ago in Chicago returned

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    Wallet lost 69 years ago in Chicago returned

    SALT LAKE CITY--It took 69 years, but a World War II veteran from Sandy, Utah, finally has his wallet back.

    Eighty-eight-year-old Robert Bell lost it at a Navy vocational school in Chicago in 1941. Among other things it held his Social Security card and photos of the youthful Bell and his future wife.

    The Salt Lake Tribune reports that electrician Bob Jordan found it in the mid-60s in a school crawl space. He tried unsuccessfully over the years to find the owner.

    Late last year a Chicago-area American Legion post and Congressman Peter Roskam got involved and they enlisted the aid Social Security Administration, which tracked him down.

    Bell was stunned by its return, and is now looking forward to showing the photos to his son.


    So nice to read stories like this one. Especially worth the smile is the fact that even though the wallet was found more than 40 years ago the person who found it never gave up trying to return it to it's owner!

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    Cool story. Nice to read something like this with all the bad stuff we see.

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