Want Fries with That Ice Cream? Ah, You're Pregnant

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    LONDON (Reuters) - [size=-1] Whether it's ice cream and french fries, garlic on crackers or brown sauce on everything, nearly 60 percent of pregnant women in Britain admit to having weird cravings. [/size]

    [size=-1] Nothing is too bizarre or unusual for some mothers-to-be, according to a survey of 200 women by a leading baby food company. [/size]

    [size=-1] Raw lemons sprinkled with salt and pepper, gingerbread men soaked in fizzy lemon drink and mustard with chips were among some of the unusual cravings. [/size]

    [size=-1]But as mothers' cravings became more unusual, their babies' tastes have gained sophistication, with pesto, squid, lemon sole, asparagus soup, papaya and passion fruit now on the kiddie menu. [/size]

    [size=-1] "It's fantastic to see that babies are being offered a wider selection of food to expand their taste buds," said Kathrine Colin, of Cow & Gate, which conducted the poll.

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