want to start my own business need some advice

Discussion in 'WS-BAY!' started by smile22, Jun 3, 2020.

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    im looking to start my own online boutique business
    i want to focus on women's clothing regular and plus sizes
    jewelry and purses wallets etc

    i follow a bunch of pearl parties ( ones that are not with a company but on their own) online and i know i can take pearls and make bracelets and necklaces out of them. using pearl cages they come in all kinds of designs like hearts teddy bears once the pearl sits in the cage it becomes a pendant.
    i just need to find out where i can get my hands on pearls like the ones people open on fb

    as for clothing and purses i need some legitimate retailers i can get product from
    im not sure i would do live sales but i would have albums up on my page with the item how many and the price get some type of invoice platform

    my personal style is country i love crazy train clothing, but i would want to offer a variety of clothing for all types of people

    but i have no clue where to start i have seen online boutiques where they are with a company and sell the clothes they offer but i want to be my own independent retailer.

    i cant ask anyone i follow as they wont give me out their secrets or info
    i live 2 hours from ny and 2 hours from boston so going to trade shows/market is not an issue

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    I'm new here, but your post caught my eye. I own my own business, and I was once right where you are, so maybe my advice can help point you in the right direction.
    I don't know what "pearl parties" are, but it sounds like you're interested in making jewelry and selling it. If so, it's a tough business to get started in, but if you can make it over the hurdles it can be profitable.

    All businesses need to start with the right paperwork. You'll need a good business plan, even if it's very simple "make jewelry, sell it to members of Congress". Figure out who your customer is going to be; and use that information to figure out how to reach them, what they're willing to spend, etc.

    You'll need a business license, and a sales tax ID number from your state; and if you're going to be selling online you'll need to collect sales tax for every state. For some items I think you also have to collect VAT for sales to the EU, but I'm not certain about that.

    The most important paper of all is money. How much you'll need depends on the nature of your business, and on what kinds of resources you have that you don't have to pay for. For instance, if you just want to set up a catalog and let people order from it, you might not need the money to keep an inventory. You'll have to decide how much capital you need, and how you'll raise it.

    Jewelry is a saturated market online -that is, there are so many making it and selling it at every price point that you will have to find some way to make yours stand out above the crowd. To that end, reading a few books like "The Guerilla Marketing Handbook" might be very helpful.

    Finally...I don't want to "spam" here by putting up links, but if you Google "small business forums" you can probably find a handful of places where people will be very happy to give you advice on all kinds of topics to help you get started and avoid some of the nastier pitfalls.

    Good luck :)
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