We need help for our missing children

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    To Whom It May Concern:
    This is written to any and all who will listen!!!!

    Regarding MISSING CHILDREN!!!!!

    We have tried so many different things to cry out to the celebrities and the media such as 20/20 or to anyone who will listen for help regarding missing and exploited children, with absolutely no HELP. Children are going missing right under everyone’s noses. For a lot of Parents across America this is reality and a nightmare. Everyday parents are waking up without their children wondering is today the day they find my child, or what is my child going through is he or she alive.

    "We all know you have tight schedules and careers to build but we need your help. Children are disappearing all across America and celebrities can bring a lot of media attention to bear on a missing child."

    All we are trying to do is get someone to help us get some pictures out of our missing kids. We need to raise awareness of what is happening right before our eyes. Children are disappearing more and more each day.

    I am a volunteer for the Laura Recovery Center based out of Texas: www.lrcf.net I got involved when Amber Dubois went missing from Escondido California on February 13, 2009 you see I call her my niece but in reality she is my best friends daughter who is 14 she was walking to school at 7:10 am on the 13th of February and has not been seen since. She is a straight A student, she had perfect attendance and was in future farmers of America, the day she went missing she had a check for $200.00 made out to the school to purchase her baby lamb that she worked for and saved her money to be able to buy. She even texted her grandmother about how excited she was because she was getting her baby lamb. The night before she went missing she had gone to the store to buy Valentine gifts for her friends at school she had them in her book bag that morning. Amber did not runaway she is listed as Endangered Missing on the FBI’s missing and exploited children. I quit my job in Portland Oregon to go down to Escondido California to help find her The Laura recovery center came to Escondido and helped us set up a search center to get volunteers to help us in our search for Amber. After 4 months the Amber search center is now closed but the search for her continues and will never stop until we find her. I had to come back to Oregon without finding Amber. This is heart wrenching for me to be so far away and unable to go out and search for her. Please visit her website www.bringamberhome.com

    When I got back to Oregon not 2 weeks later I got a call. 10 year old Lindsey Baum from McCleary Washington is missing. A town of 1500 people, she was walking home from a friend’s house not 6 blocks from home she vanished and has not been seen since. Like Amber she is listed as Endangered Missing. This is a 10 year old little girl who turned 11 on July 7th, her family unable to spend her birthday with her. The small police station is located just a block from Lindsey’s house and she would have had to walk past it on her way home. People in this small quaint little town are having a hard time with this (“things like this don’t happen in McCleary”) but it does and it did.
    The search efforts continue with little news. Please visit her website www.findlindseybaum.com

    Although we have done all we can to get theirs and other missing children’s picture out and have done our best to make the public aware of this, the news only gets it out in the area where the child has come up missing. Unless the child missing is someone like Caylee Anthony who’s own mother is in jail for killing this baby, or little Haleigh Cummings from Florida taken from her own bedroom. I am in no way saying that Caylee or Haleigh are less important, but what I am saying is the rest of the missing kids are just as important but never get noticed. You can look on sites such as www.amw.com or www.missingkids.com there are pages of missing children across the United States.

    We need help from everyone to get missing kids seen all over our nation. These kids can be missing from Washington or California one day and can be as far away as a different country the next. Our kids all kids need media attention across our country so maybe just maybe a child missing from one state may be seen at an airport, bus station, train station or like in the case of Elizabeth Smart seen at a store and was returned home safe to her family after months of being taken.

    Michael Jackson died and that was sad but to hear about his death and all the family turmoil for days is absurd. Melissa Baum Lindsey Baum’s mom was to be on the Nancy Grace show to try and get the information out to as many people as possible she was bumped off because of Michael Jackson. This is not Okay I do believe that a child gone missing is more important than a Celebrity dying and all the family turmoil. And I think most people maybe not the celebrities but the general population feel that a missing child is much more important than Michael Jackson.

    We have tried to contact Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno and other talk shows to help raise the awareness of Amber and Lindsey and other missing children but not one show has contacted us back. It is sad but for some reason the people in this world would listen to our plea if just one Celebrity would speak up and help us get the names, pictures and statistics on missing children out in the media. Our children are disappearing right before our eyes and each day it gets worse and worse.

    Marc Klaas Polly Klaas’s father has been working not only with us on Amber and Lindsey but has spent the years since Polly was taken from her bedroom trying to help families of missing and exploited children he has been trying to raise awareness on missing children and how it has become an epidemic in this country. He has also been trying to help change the amber alert system. When a child goes missing an amber alert does not always go out because there is not a description of a vehicle. Why do we have to have a description of a vehicle when we have the description of the child that has disappeared? If this law was changed to issue an amber alert on the child description and or the vehicle maybe just maybe a missing child would be found earlier and possibly would save a child’s life. The amber alert works but we need to change the way this law is written. www.klaaskids.org

    Places like the Laura Recovery center www.lrcf.net a nonprofit organization have helped families of missing kids for many years and works tirelessly opening up centers across America trying to help with the search for missing children and bring them home safely.

    There is a nonprofit organization called Amber Ready that has been working to help parents get information out to their local police stations quickly if their child should go missing. www.amberready.com every parent, grandparent, or guardian should do this for their children. Please if you have children visit their website.

    Most people are not aware that there is a law if you and your child are in a store or mall and your child becomes missing you can yell loud for the child if you can’t find your child or the child does not answer scream to the top of your lungs MY CHILD IS MISSING CLOSE ALL THE EXITS AND DOORS!!!! By law they have to do it this and it may prevent the person or persons who have taken your child to be located before they can exit the building. And if your child is hiding which is the best scenario than all you did was maybe embarrass yourself a little (better for you to be embarrassed than your child taken)

    People it is time to wake up and smell the coffee sort to speak. What are most important to us are our Children and their safety but we give little or no attention to them. We are in that one frame of mind it only happens to someone else it won’t happen to me. Well I am here to tell you that it happens far to often and it does happen to those who think it will never happen to them, or to those that think they are in a small safe town (no town is safe and it does happen in small towns) Lindsey Baum is an example of what can happen in a small safe town where people think they are exempt from their children being taken.

    I am begging for help to get Amber and Lindsey’s pictures out across the country, along with the many other missing children.

    The families of missing children need everyone’s help to bring their children home, to get their children noticed across the country. To help us change the laws against the predators that is out there among our children lurking by the schools, parks, churches, and our homes.
    As it is now the predators when caught and convicted spend a few years in jail only to be let out to repeat crimes against our children.
    A sexual predator will never change will never be rehabilitated they are sick people who need to be locked up forever never to be let out. You can look on the website www.meganslaw.com and see all the registered sex offenders, there are way too many and some of these their whereabouts are unknown. These are only the ones who have registered there are many more not even registered or caught. Wake up America they are among us all lurking in all communities across the USA.

    Leave God out of the United States of America that is what our country was founded on and our children suffer:


    Linda Walkup
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