Websleuths Podcast With Mike Morford, Patrick Mcstay And Keith Greer

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    In this episode of Websleuths Radio three men with three very different stories.
    In this episode of Websleuths Radio, you will meet a man who has devoted much of his adult life to true crime cases that we are all familiar with The Zodiac Killer and the East Side Rapist to name two. You will find Mike Morford is a loving husband, father, and incredible investigator when it comes to the true crime stories we know.
    If you want to be a part of Mike's new project called The Murder in my Family read all about it right here Does Anybody On Websleuths Have A Murdered Family Member?

    Patrick McStay has lived through hell. Mr. McStay lost his son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons to a vicious murderer. Murders committed by someone he thought was a family friend.
    Chase Merritt goes on trial for the murder of Joey and Summer McStay and their two children this July. Patrick McStay checks in with us and updates everyone on how he is trying to be at the trial of the man who murdered his family but due to financial issues he may not be able to attend. That's where you come in my friends.
    For Patrick McStay's ******** https://www.********.com/Search4McStays
    To purchase Patrick McStay's book "McStays Taken Too Soon" go to https://www.amazon.com/McStays-Taken-Too-Soon-Story/dp/1539867897 I would highly recommend this book. It is compelling, shocking, heartbreaking, and all around incredible.

    Finally, we get an update from the Zahau family attorney Keith Greer. Rebecca Zahau was found hanging naked with her hands tied behind her back and her ankles tied together outside in the courtyard of her multimillionaire boyfriend's mansion. The San Diego sheriff's department claimed Rebecca committed suicide. Rebecca's family sued her boyfriend's brother since he was the only one who could have realistically murdered her. Keith Greer and his team won the civil suit against Adam Shacknai
    To donate to the Zahau family ******** Click here to support Justice For Rebecca organized by Mary Zahau
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    Thanks for having me on Tricia, it was a pleasure talking with you!

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