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Discussion in 'Notes from Dave, the Tech Guy' started by Dave AHFB, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Dave AHFB

    Dave AHFB Guest

    I am working on the search function today, you may see periods where it is not functioning.
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  3. Dave AHFB

    Dave AHFB Guest

    Things appear ready.

    It is obvious to most that one of the weaknesses of the current software version is the poor search function. I have made the top search box use a custom search thru Google. This produces much cleaner results and in most cases better results.

    Please note that this DOES NOT eliminate the default VB search, you may still access that thru the "Advanced Search" link located under the search box. It also does not replace the "Search this Forum" or "Search this Post" located within the associated pages.

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