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    Hi everyone! =) I've been a member on here for about 4 years but this is probably only my 1st or 2nd post. I'm a bit shy when it comes to speaking up on forums, but I love to follow along and see what others are saying. I've been pretty successful with my weight loss goals by following the low-carb guidelines but last April, a friend in my Zumba class convinced me to try adding supplements to my low-carb eating plan, and I was truly SHOCKED at the results that I saw happening to my body!!

    I am admittedly a pretty skeptical person when it comes to "weight loss products". (This is probably due to the large amount of money that I've wasted over the years on weight loss books, programs, fads and scams.) So, it took me about 4 months of watching all of my friends drop weight QUICKLY while gaining muscle before I could be convinced to give it a try. I started using the medically-approved supplements on April 10th (2011) and as of today, my BMI has dropped from "Obese" to just barely above "Normal", I've lost 28lbs, dropped THREE pants sizes (Wooo!Hooo!!), and I can see definition in my arms/leg muscles that I haven't seen since college (which was a long time ago)!

    The absolute BEST (and most unexpected) thing about this line of supplements is the UNBELIEVEABLE increase in the amount of energy and mental focus that I felt within the first 5-7 days. I honestly can’t even describe how great I felt without sounding like a cheesy commercial… but it’s the truth!

    I know firsthand what it feels like to struggle with diets and wanting SOOOOO bad to get the weight off so I thought I’d return the favor and reach out to this group and share my story. Maybe I’ll make a positive difference in someone’s life like I have experienced.

    When you find something that REALLY, truly works, it is exciting and you naturally want to share it with others, especially when you KNOW how hard the struggle is to feel great on the inside when you don’t feel all that pretty on the outside. The feeling I got from the supplements when I started to feel strong and energized and skinny(er) was amazing. Every one of us deserves the chance to feel awesome. I was so impressed, I signed up to be a distributor!

    I'd love to share this information with anyone who is interested. The company behind the supplements is extremely reputable and highly respected. There are also numerous (unpaid) athletes, celebrities, and medical doctors who use the products and endorse them. The total cost to get started is $182 but it's less expensive after the beginning phase, and I promise that it is worth every penny!

    If you would like more information about the products or the company behind them, or if you're ready to place an order and get started, I would love to share more details with you or help you get started. ( I would also be happy to share some of my before/after photos!) Everyone has to make the decision to take the leap when they are ready, but believe me, this is truly worth looking into! Contact me through this Websleuths site or at my email address tfieldstone@yahoo.com so I can assist you with selecting products that support your goals! Let's do it!! =)
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