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    A town in the west of Germany is under attack for its plan to house asylum seekers on the site of a former WW2 concentration camp, Buchenwald. However, authorities in the town of Schwerte point out that the site was actually a satellite camp for slave laborers, over three and a half hours travelling time from the site of Buchenwald KZ (camp) proper. The main camp has been preserved as a memorial for victims.

    Refugee groups say that regardless of the site in Schwerte having been used as a storage site and kindergarten since the war, it is still a place of violence and oppression and it is tasteless to house refugees there. There are also others protesting about the use of the site - rightwing extremist groups who don't want asylum seekers anywhere in the country.

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    FWIW, the fact that the very word "Buchenwald" gave me -- an American, gentile, post-war, baby boomer -- a start, says it all. The symbolism is astounding. Surely, there is a better alternative.


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