West Virginia State Police To Revisit Cold Cases

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    Captain says 30 files in area have the most potential to be solved

    By Andrea Lannom
    Register-Herald Reporter

    BECKLEY — In television shows, cold cases are almost always resolved and, most of the time, rather quickly. Realistically, police say they are quite challenging, considering that very few clues are left to scavenge.

    Yet, West Virginia State Police have decided to undertake the effort, even with the challenges it presents.

    more at the link

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    Perhaps one day, one of these officers will come here, and post there cold case right here on this thread you have created.

    They will come here perhaps with all there visual aids, and official notes and so forth from the investigation on there cold-case they have been given.

    I am sure, if they asked, one or more of the 30 families for permission to come here and post about there love one. Someone would give there permission to do so in hopes of solving this chapter of the investigation.


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