What can we learn from "Juan Doe"??

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Sep 26, 2007
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You guys were right in the middle-anyone want to do a sort of case summary to see where his memories hit the mark and where they were way off?

I would love to use this new understanding and energy to compare this all to BK's case....
Juan Doe: AZ
This man had amnesia.
He was found near Cottonwood, AZ, June 25, 2009.
He had slashed himself and was admitted to the hospital.
But, he did not know who he was.
He had some memories.

He had a scar down the middle of his chest
and felt he had had a heart bypass.
He had a Celtic tattoo.
He felt he
had lost his wife and 2 children in a car accident
a year ago.
Between that and losing a job and turning 50 and the
heart bypass, he felt lost.
He thought he was from NM.

Detectives sent out missing fliers to surrounding
Juan was placed in a Verde Valley care facility
and assigned a caseworker.

Those on that thread tried to match up
his children's names, the possible car accident
to anything online.
We did not discover the accident or the children's names
in an obituary.

Then, I did call the counselor and we arranged a phone appointment.
I talked with Juan and his counselor last Tues., Oct. 27.
Lots more info, plus
a local newspaper had ran a story about him.
He now felt he could be from TX or OK.
He has a slight TX accent.
He still thought he left home
because he could hear his children's voices.
He thought he left his car in a Walmart or Target parking lot.
Then he said he left to walk and hitchhike somewhere..

Not long after posting the new info.,
Julessleuther found a man
at the Missing Persons Clearinghouse, TX.
that looked a lot like Juan.
He had had open heart surgery.
The date was right, mid June.
It sure looked like a match.

So, then I offered to call
TX missing persons.
I did so yesterday.
The investigator felt it could be a match.
She took on calling LE.

I got a call this morning.
LE had looked at it, then called the family
in. They felt it was 99 percent their
relative, James S Inocenio.
His brothers left TX today
to drive to AZ.

YAY! We all worked together and found his identity.
What a great bunch of people~~:blowkiss:
and several work on this thread also.
Memories and where they were off:

I will come back to this, have to be gone for a couple of hours.
Someone posted it on other thread.
I think Dreamweaver is better equipped to answer this, as she talked both to Juan/James personally, as well as LE in TX when we found him, however, from my perspective, I think we found out that some of the memories were disjointed little snapshots of his life. The interesting thing for me is the memories of his wife and childrens deaths--they are very much alive, so I do not know to make of that...
I think Dreamweaver is better equipped to answer this, as she talked both to Juan/James personally, as well as LE in TX when we found him, however, from my perspective, I think we found out that some of the memories were disjointed little snapshots of his life. The interesting thing for me is the memories of his wife and childrens deaths--they are very much alive, so I do not know to make of that...

Congratulations to all of you who worked so feverently to solve this!!! I can't wait to hear the final ending to the story!

As this relates to Bk's story, I am starting to believe that we are receiving the same type of memories from BK (as you stated...underlined above...). The memories seem to be from many years ago and appear to leave a huge gap in placing him in these other states, and then in Georgia, with lack of knowledge of any missing/stolen vehicle, lack of any family, friends, co-workers recognizing him, despite media coverage, lack of missing person reports that we are aware of. Five years just seems like so long to have no one making great efforts to try to find you.

It has become increasingly difficult for me to try to break away from the transient theory, although I desperately want to be able to rule that theory out.

Do we know what the "latest" or closest memory BK has to the date he was found?
James formerly known as Juan Doe:
His memories after found vs the 'facts':

his wife and daughters killed in a car accident vs his wife and daughter still alive.
his daughters names vs not even similar to his actual daughter's name.
his wife's name vs not even close to his ex wife's name.
his old car, either red or white vs a 2004 yellow TT Audi convertible.
his mother died 10 to 15 yrs ago vs his mom is still living.

his dob as 3/02/1959 vs dob is 2/02/60
he said he had no siblings vs he has several.
he lived in NM vs he is from TX.
he lived in OK vs he is from TX.

he parked his car in a large parking lot, like Target or Walmart vs yes, he parked his car in an airport long term parking lot.
he had heart bypass surgery vs yes, he did have bypass surgery.
he had lost his job or quit his job vs yes, he did lose his job.
he left his home because he was despondent over loss of family vs yes, he did have stressors in his life.
he said he had no memories of his dad vs yes, his dad died years back.
he said he was an electrician vs yes, he was an electrician, but several years earlier.
he said he favorite color was yellow vs yes, he had a bright yellow car.
he said his internal clock was set to CST vs, yes he is from cst area.
About amnesia and Juan Doe:
It seemed to me that the memories were there
but jumbled in time and relevance.

Take for instance, his 'memory' that his wife and daughters were killed in a car accident, specifically a drunk driver hit their car.
That was one memory he stated from the beginning.
But it was not a true memory.
Where did it come from?
No one knows.
Did he see a bad car accident while driving from TX to AZ?

Then there are the names he 'remembered' of his wife and two daughters.
Again, these were the same from the beginning.
What I learned from the detective is that there are people in his family and circle of friends with those names.
So, the names were real. But they were not his immediate family.

Just something to think about.
[ame="http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4360742#post4360742"]Direct link to post 120[/ame]

quoting due to forum being down tonight

Comparing the old info from LE with what he told Dreamweaver, with comments in red:

1. Le states his birthdate as 3/2/1959 ---he told Dream he thinks it is 3/10/1959

2. Family killed on the way to a Walmart---He told Dream he thinks he left his car at a Walmart.

3. Told LE his wife and daughters were killed Mar, 09 ----Now he says possibly March 2008

4. Told LE he thought he lived in ALbuquerque.----Dream does he still have any recollection of ABQ or New Mexico? Why does he think he remembered that before?

5. Told LE he thought his family was driving a green van or SUV:
Tells Dream it was a grayish blue dodge caravan

6. Tells LE he was driving a red Taurus: Tells Dream it is a white Taurus

7. Tells Dream no siblings: Dream, does that mean he has no memories of siblings or that he truly does not think he has them?

8. He states his daughters were 12 and 10 and that they were both in grade school. 12 yr old would possibly be in 6th or 7th grade; 10 yr old would be in 4-5th grade. In AZ, many elementary schools are K-8, so are considered grade schools. Is this common in other states as well, and if so, which ones? (Growing up in NY, when I was 11 I started middle school for 6th grade) He specifically says grade school, so it made me think that perhaps it is a K-8 or K-6 model for school. Another area to research.

9. Juan feels he does not have a Scottish last name. Does he know if he had a hispanic last name, since his first name is Juan, or could he possibly have been John?

There are discrepanies in several of the descriptions, especially vehicle color, location of family crash etc. Does LE have the updated info, and have they looked into this?
From Dreams original post after talking to LE:
He interviewed 'Juan Doe' on 6/29/2009 at the hospital.
Here are the details:
A citizen found Juan near the Verde River. Police were called.
He had slash marks on his neck and chest.
He was taken to the hospital.

Juan told police detective that:
His DOB 3/2/59.
He did not know his last name.
He thinks he works as an electrician.
His wife and two daughters were killed by a drunk driver in March 2009, Albuquerque, NM, on their way to Wal-Mart.
Family was driving a green Dodge van or suv.
His wife's name: Juana
His daughter's names: Trisha, age 12 and Sylvia, age 10.
Juan said he had heart surgery and was near the end of his medications for that.
He feels he lives in Albuquerque.
Juan says he is depressed, but things are 'fuzzy'. He now feels safe and comfortable.

Juan story is that he decided to go camping.
It was Father’s Day, June 21. 2009.
He was feeling depressed because he was missing his family.
It had been 3 months since their deaths.
He turned 50 3 months ago.
He had had heart surgery.
He thinks he tried to slash at himself.
When asked why, he said because the slash marks are on
his right side and he is left handed.
He says he drove a red Ford Taurus there.
He had a backpack.

Identifying marks:
Celtic tattoo on right shoulder.
Scar down the middle of his chest.
When asked why he chose a Celtic tattoo, he said he liked the music.
Clothing: Not noted by detective. Det. thinks jeans.
Jewelry: Wearing a silver Celtic cross on a leather braid.

Observations by police detective:
He speaks very good English. He has a slight Texas accent.
He is left handed.
He does crossword puzzles using his left hand.
His hands are soft, not calloused, not hands of a laborer.
He is very articulate. He seems educated.
He has a good sense of humor.
No head injury.
I read through this thread again to refresh my memory as I didn't follow the Juan Doe case carefully. Something about his case stood out to me which I think is important to mention here. Since Juan Doe had recently had heart surgery, it is almost certain that he was taking heart medication(s). I recently learned from another thread here at WS that some heart medications have the side effect of depression.(Rick Wieting thread) One of the WS posters shared an oncologist she worked with or works with almost always prescribes antidepressents with some? or all heart medications. I thought I would make mention of that because Juan's depression may have been brought on by whatever heart medications he was taking. As far as I know Mr. Kyle is not on any prescription medications that may cause depression.
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