What do you think about the West Memphis Three?

I think they're innocent. All of the evidence is circumstantial. They have some questionable qualities, but what teenagers don't. I think that the community had a beeline focus on Damien because of his hobbies and interests. To say these killings were rituals I feel is speculation. And that speculation didn't even occur to many until after they had their sights on Damien. IMO they didn't put in effort to find any other suspect because they already had their minds made up. Yes, they went to the fast food restaurant, but that was basically the end of looking into that strange man.
I go back and forth, but I wouldn’t care if Damien Echols walked into a police station tomorrow and confessed everything.

I would just like to see this solved.

Do you think they are guilty or innocent?
None can specifically state them as innocent but neither guilty. Case hase to be discussed thoroughly and decision shall be pending. But my personal opinion im not exactly saying their innocent or guilty, but there is also thin slices of clues but they ARE on the way to BEING innocent
I was watchimg "PARIDISE LOST" , misskelley saide that Daimien punched the victrm with his fists. Does anyone know if there is any evidence as to what his fists looked like?
Innocent. Terry Hobbs gave me the ick big time before I even knew much about it. Ever seen the movie The Stepfather?
Retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente agrees, his analysis was very clear about Terry's involvement. Helped me understand the motivation behind the killings.
Has Terry's DNA been tested yet? Why does something so simple take so long?
That county scares me ever since I read about how this case was handled and "investigated".
Guilty and the only up side is they did get some punishment before getting released back into the community.

Damien was a piece of work and completely capable of doing something so sick and twisted.
Do you mean Damien had previously killed someone? What capability did he have?

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