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Discussion in 'The Springfield Three' started by q64ceo, Nov 10, 2020.

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    The prank obscene call

    Was it just a random ******* acting like an ******* the day after these girls go missing and did not know about the girls? If the caller was the man who made the phone call, how would the caller who made the obscene call know someone was in the house?

    These are the days before cell phones. Were there payphones nearby?

    Then the answering machine. The message on the machine was erased.

    Then the guy when he got to the house cleaned up the broken glass on the porch.

    The actions of the two who went to the house are suspect.

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    I agree with your post.

    The scene was contaminated by the time police were called.

    I alsothink that the investigation was not taken seriouslyto begin with. Like most missing persons cases.
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