What Is the Defense Strategy #2


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Jul 3, 2008
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The more I think about this lame theory the defense has come up with, the more I think about Tinker and Tilly.

If they claim that Caylee got out of the house, they must claim that she left a door open too, because what child her age would leave the door open? Certainly the dogs would have followed her out and in the heat, more than likely would ran in and out through the open door the whole time.

Why would George or Casey have to hunt through the house if a door was open? Certainly they would see an open door and run out to find Caylee and the dogs.


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Feb 3, 2009
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I am having a difficult time processing this trial. A hard time processing what I am experiencing. I have no doubt Casey has had her hands in almost every aspect of her defense. I also have no doubt there are many things she has no idea about, some because she is not capable of understanding certain aspects of reality. And some things because her defense team, CM and JB are just as morally bankrupt as she. (If Jose can steal "throwing things against the wall and make them stick" I will take "morally bankrupt.")

Re watching Yuri Melich on the stand highlighted for me some of what I am seeing as a "defense" from Casey and her team.

Boldly caught in her lies, -not only speaking of the actual Universal interview but in court and on national television: what is the defense? Well...

Jose in his cross examination of Detective Melich, begins to go over each lie Casey spun with a fine tooth comb. For minutes, Jose reads over the insanity asking Yuri to confirm Casey had said such things-the tone of Jose's voice is one of mocking derision, and glee as each lie is exposed and confirmed by the detective. Why?

Well, because Jose has got YM right where he wants him! During this part of the defense the idea was Casey lied and had the behavior of a criminal BUT! That was because she was sexually abused by George and to a lesser degree Lee. (I think that might be the title of a country song?) Jose was in seventh heaven recounting for the jury how insane and inappropriate Casey's behavior was while she was looking for her missing daughter. I mean while she was being upset by not acting upset that Caylee had drown on accident through no fault of her own. :crazy:

For me this illustrates how twisted all of this is, and how I can say Casey has her hands all over this. Casey sat there while Jose used this defense. That she had to lie like that because she created "Casey's World." Technically Casey was not lying, because she doesn't know what she is saying and is not responsible for herself because of this abuse. This is what we are to believe-for now.

Here is where the tables are turned, it is not enough for Casey to hide behind another lie to cover the one before-but she and Jose are then blaming Detective Melich for not realizing what a liar Casey is-for not realizing everything that came out of her mouth was a made up fantasy born of flowers in the attic type abuse. You can hear Jose's incredulous snicks and sarcastic laughs as he finds it unreal that anyone could think Casey's behavior was anything close to normal or sane.

It is the blaming of the victim that sends me to have to find my happy place. Jose does not just say, "she lied because she is messed up from being abused" and then go sit down. No. It has to be all or nothing-and imho that has Casey written all over it. Heck, it was even little Caylee herself that was at fault for her own death. Thank all that is good Dr. G took the stand and brought sanity back to my reality. She spoke out loud what I was sure is the truth: to not report an accident especially a child, is homicide. The very fact they did not call for help to give Caylee a chance to live is homicide. She also said they have a "moral, legal and ethical" responsibility for the safety of the child. For me, that is a duh...and thankfully not just my opinion.

Cheney Mason tried thwarting reality by asking, "but what if a child is so obviously deceased?" I would like to start a thread about that sentence alone, it is so disturbing to me. What answer would Mr. Mason have liked? That thought disturbs me even more.

I agree with those who say Casey will never change. She will never stop trying to hurt people. Even the explanation she is a sociopath does not help to understand the glee I believe she is gaining from all this pain and horror. While most people can gain joy from their own happiness or the happiness for others, Casey derives joy from the pain of others. I think she enjoyed hurting Caylee, I think she enjoys hurting others. (period) That is how she feels good. The only time she feels good.

All of this was stage one of the trial. I was still able to post in real time and be a half way normal person. :therethere:

Stage two has been "crying upset" fakedown Casey. Watching her crumple into the arms of D. Sims was more than I could take. I thought Casey couldn't show emotions? Remember, that was why Jose was so confident in mocking Yuri? What sends me through the roof is hearing comments such as: that is Casey finally breaking down because of the abuse, letting it all out. That lets me know she is an evil that must be stopped. She will continue to fool people, I think Casey would easily kill again and again. I think she got a rush from killing, as has been stated many killers do. The "trash/garbage" bag in the trunk(the white one) has cleaning supplies in it for a reason: Casey knew from her searches on chloroform (84 hits!) that it can be found in some house hold items and she put that in there to give an explanation.

Casey to Tracey when the chloroform was reported on the news. "I keep cleaning supplies in my trunk." The witness who processed the Pontiac said there was nothing wrong with the gas gauge, that means all that "running out of gas" was stage set up, imo. Casey borrowed her dad's can, the one everyone knows is his because it is so old and put a piece of Hinkel duct tape on it-to incriminate him if Caylee's body was ever found. :yes: Casey figured she would be far away living la bella vita IF that ever happened but she didn't think it would.

Websleuthers have said for over two years, Casey picks up things she hears and sees and uses them in her lies. Yes! I believe when she is sitting listening to the testimony with her head cocked she is taking in what ever she can to use and twist later to her advantage. Diabolical.

I guess if some people can be really good people, there must be really bad people. And Casey is one of the worst. I swear to myself I will not get so personally involved before I watch the trial each day, but as soon as Casey starts with her antics, I feel such revulsion I lose my composure. Right now, I am having a hard time knowing that Caylee had to be around Casey. I do not believe Casey had a warm spot for Caylee. I believe the dressing up and dragging Caylee around for photos with Annie, or RM or videos was the extent of the "mothering" Casey provided for Caylee. I think when Caylee was alone with Casey she might have realized she was the mature one.

This defense is less of a legal defense than it is the fevered machinations of a sociopathic mind. I have no doubt the jury knows this too. I can feel it, but I am still anxious to have this over with. :doh: I didn't know the defense gets to have their "go", until the middle of this week I thought when the State wraps up that was it...

it is my first trial. :blushing:

:tyou: momtective for that link!

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz6-hRtMwq4"]YouTube - ‪Casey Anthony Trial: 6/1 PM‬‏[/ame]


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Mar 4, 2010
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The time has come for the DT to present their side of the Casey case. Will they be prepared tomorrow morning at 9:00? Will the DT attempt to stall because they didn't anticipate actually having to put on a case? Are there surprises on the horizon? Just curious what everyone is thinking as the clock ticks towards tomorrow.


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Jun 4, 2006
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Apparently, their defense is to throw anyone and everyone who comes along.


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Jun 15, 2011
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It think at the juncture this case is at now... the only winning strategy for the DT is a full frontal assault on George, Cindy, Lee and Kronk. Everyone they threw under the bus in the OS, must be addressed, and the truth exposed. No room for being Mr. Nice Defense any longer... go for broke!!!!! It's all ya got... why not???

It's has been my opinion since the Opening Statements, that there is too common of a thread of lies and inconsistencies that runs through them and ICA... all of it points to a conspiracy, not a single actor. Before the opening... ICA was guilty in my mind... not by herself... not any longer. JMO