What it would take for Steven Avery to be innocent

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    1) Someone had to be stalking Halbach and would have had to follow her after she left Avery's property, ran her off the road, kidnapped her leaving her vehicle where she run off the road and took her someplace else to rape and kill her.

    2) The person would have to have killed Halbach and decided to burn her property as well as her body in order to eliminate any potential DNA evidence and in the most amazing coincidence in all of human history, at the same time she was being killed Steven Avery just happened to have a fire in his burn barrel and shortly thereafter had a huge bonfire near his garage of intensity and duration to be capable of destroying a human body.

    3) For the first time ever in recorded history someone killed and burned a victim and then spent hours excavating the burned remains in dozens of buckets, doing such a good job as to capture even the tiny rivets from the victim's burned jeans, with the intention of planting them elsewhere to frame someone else even though: 1) no one knew the victim had been with the perpetrator, no one saw this fire, no one ever located the burn site and leaving the remains in the location where the burning took place would not have resulted in the killer being caught.

    4) Somehow the person knew Steven Avery had a fire in his burn barrel and took the time and effort to separate Halbach's burned electronics from the ash containing her remains and planted the burned electronics in Avery's burn barrel without anyone seeing him do it.

    5) Somehow the person knew Steven Avery had the fire near his garage and transported dozens of buckets of ash containing fragments from virtually every bone in Halbach's body and planted it in the pit without anyone seeing him do this and without Avery's dog that was tied to the garage and sitting on that burn pit


    biting the person or barking to alert anyone. Not only did no one see him transporting dozens of buckets to Avery's pit, Avery didn't notice his pit looked different than when he raked it out to flatten it the day before.

    6) For no rational reason the person decided to plant some of the remains in 1 of the Janda burn barrels as well and accomplished this without being seen either.

    7) Either:

    A) the person had to steal Steven Avery's gun to use to shoot Halbach with and put the gun back in his trailer and tossed numerous spent casings throughout the garage and placed 2 rounds that exited or grazed Halbach in the garage or

    B) Police found 2 fired bullets somewhere on the grounds, hoped and prayed they were fired by Steven Avery's gun and that ballistics would be able to prove it and though uncertain they were fired from Avery's gun decided to take a chance and decided to go to great lengths to somehow obtain Halbach's DNA to plant on the bullets but only managed to get her DNA on one of them and then planted these in his garage

    8) Though there was no reason to relocate Halbach's vehicle in order to escape liability for the murder because she was run off the road in a place unconnected to the killer, the killer decided to take the enormous risk of being caught driving her vehicle while police were actively looking for said vehicle in order to drive it to Avery Salvage to frame Avery.

    9) The killer somehow knew which area in the pit that Steven Avery used for his old discarded vehicles and decided to plant Halbach's vehicle among them to try to frame him and managed to get it there without anyone seeing him do it and either had a long walk home or someone helped him and drove him home.

    10) The killer disconnected the battery and somehow managed to plant Avery's DNA on the hood latch and his blood in her vehicle then locked it. He also planted Avery's DNA on the key somehow and planted that in Avery's trailer without being seen. He also removed her plates and folded them in thirds the way Steven Avery was known to fold old plates but instead of planting those in Avery's trailer or garage for some inexplicable reason he tossed them in a station wagon near the work buildings without anyone seeing him do it.

    Not even in the movies has anything so crazy happened. No court is going to believe the above happened without reliable evidence proving it happened. There is no evidence to prove such happened and thus I don't believe it did and no court has any reason to believe it did.

    In order to believe Avery is innocent one has to suspect the above happened but suspicion is not evidence and means little. Proof the above happened is key and there is no evidence because there is no way the above happened.
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    This was an interesting read, thanks for posting
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    thank you

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