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    What lies beneath? Some pretty uncomfortable looking contraptions, seems to be the answer at the latest underwear exhibition at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia. We've probably all seen or heard of a corset, but that shoulder thing?

    Items have been loaned to Brisbane by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, so also includes a pair of Queen Victoria's white bloomers, and breaks a few myths too - the average waist size of those tight corsets in the old days was 22-23 inches, and the 13 inch waist myth spread by Gone With the Wind, was just that - a myth.

    Just going by the photos, men's underwear doesn't seem to get much of a look-in as usual. Seems a bit unfair, as those button down undershirts and lace-up, baggy pants are just as interesting - and definitely funnier.

    You might also notice a little comment in the article too; how today's royalty 'probably' wear much skimpier underwear than Queen Victoria. I think the writer's being naughty there and knows it for a fact - wasn't it in Australia that the world caught a glimpse of exactly how skimpy Brit royal Kate Middleton's undies were, due to an unfortunate conjunction of a gust of wind, a nearby press photographer and the choice of a thong?

    The expo runs until February next year.


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