When/how to start a new missing child post, information please.

Discussion in 'Forum Finesse' started by Tygrrkttn, Jul 31, 2019.

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    I’ve researched here and not found information on when it’s “allowed” to start a post on a missing/runaway child. I’m not directly tied to this child (14 year old female) in any way, she came to my attention via social media. I’ve been a member here for awhile and a “lurker” quite some time before that and have always been very impressed by the resources and abilities this group can bring to bear on a situation. May I start a post on this child now or is there length of time she must be missing first (since 7/29/19) currently or a certain legal standing the situation must have first (the police are saying she’s a runaway, family says likely abduction)?
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    IIRC, linking to an article in main stream media, a police/LE report including LE Facebook page, link to a state's Missing page, etc, is needed to start a thread.

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